History of Surrogacy in India

History of Surrogacy in India

The roots of Indian surrogacy have its traces in the history and provided evidences of being a century old procedure. The procedure became a successful practice in India with the birth of world’s second and India’s first IVF baby Kanupriya alias Durga who was born in Kolkata on Oct. 3, 1978. Since then the field of assisted reproductive technology or called ART in short has shown fastest developments. The procedure started long back however; there is still no legal recognition of surrogacy in India.

Till date only gestational surrogacy has been promoted that is also in its nascent stage. In addition to it, the laws related to surrogacy are also in the nascent stage. The guiding force between both the parties i.e. the surrogate and the intended parents are just the ART guidelines designed long back. There are no codified laws. They are yet to be adopted and implemented. With the recent growth in the count of Intended parents opting for surrogacy in India, the nation has become the much sought after surrogacy destination.

In India, surrogacy has always remained a debated topic as it has always been discussed upon legal, social and ethical aspects. There have been cases that have resulted in both the favor and sometimes against the practice of the procedure when the attempt did not result in success. However, after many efforts commercial surrogacy was made legal in India in 2002. India has proved itself to be one of the most famous surrogacy destinations preferred internationally.

In past some decades there has been enormous growth in reproductive techniques in India that includes innovative door insemination techniques, in vitro fertilization techniques, embryo techniques and much more that has given hopes to childless couples. At one hand where intended parents are much happy to have such a technique available for them, there are some communities, on the other hand who are not in the favor practicing surrogacy in India.

History of Surrogacy in India

Reasons Favoring Surrogacy

A number of reasons are there that favors surrogacy. Most of them are fertility problems with intended parents. Following is a brief description of all these reasons favoring surrogacy:

  • Intended parents are incompatible to bear pregnancy: because of fertility issues some of the parents are not compatible to bear pregnancy. For these parents nothing but surrogacy becomes an ideal option to opt for. This is one of the reasons making surrogacy a growing business all over the India.
  • Medical complications: there may be some physical complications to intended parents owing to which they are not able to have a baby of their own. This leaves them with no other choice than going for surrogacy. Adoption is another idea for these parents to go with. However, couples generally wish to have their genetic child rather than opting one. This has also help booming surrogacy business.
  • Recurrent abortion: recurrent abortion of intended mother can make it difficult for her to conceive again and give birth to a successful baby. It thus appeals them to get help of a surrogate mother for the birth of their genetic child. This is another reason making surrogacy successful.
  • Repeated failure of IVF procedure: failure of IVF procedure for intended parents can also be a reason for opting for surrogacy. This way the intended couple can have their genetic child born through a surrogate that she will hand over to intended parents after the birth of the child.

All the reasons mentioned above are some of the most important causes helping surrogacy boom in Indian sub continent. Affordable rates have also helped in favoring surrogacy in India.


Why choose altruistic surrogacy?

The altruistic surrogacy method involves the surrogate mother. It is the only legal method available in India. Also, the process does not include the surrogate mother’s compensation. Because it is illegal in India to provide the surrogate mother compensation. And the altruistic form means the surrogate mother is ready to help you. As she will conceive to deliver your child. Also, she is not helping the couple for any monetary benefit. Because in altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not get any compensation. Also, it helps in the entire surrogacy charges for the intended parents’ budget.

How much surrogacy success rate?

Surrogacy success rates are much higher than any other method. Because it involves a healthy surrogate mother. As she conceives for the couple to deliver the baby. It is the best method in many extreme infertility conditions. As the couple does not have any conception chance. So, you can choose the best method for having the baby successfully. Surrogacy success rates are also higher because the IVF process helps. As the surrogate mother conception happens with the IVF treatment. The expert fertilizes a couple of gametes under observation. Also, various advanced methods and procedures can perform within the treatment.

Does surrogacy have risks?

No, surrogacy generally does not include any risk or problem. It can only involve legal concerns. Because every country has its rules and regulation regarding the process. The intended parents choosing the procedure have to check the country’s laws before starting. It will help you choose the best method. Surrogacy risks will occur if you do not have the process as per the laws. As you can face fines or imprisonment. Otherwise, surrogacy involves the IVF procedure that has egg retrieval and medications used. It can cause some problems for the female partner as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

Why does surrogacy needs legalization?

Surrogacy is the extensive process that functions between two parties. It involves the surrogate mother’s conception and delivery to the intended parents. Well, the process’s motive is to provide a successful pregnancy for the couple. But many people use the procedure as per their choice and use. And they have all the illegal activities. Thus, surrogacy can lead to the surrogate mother, resulting in the child and intended parents’ exploitation. So, every country’s government is legalizing the process as per needs. Also, it helps as a better process for the couple with extreme infertility conditions without causing any problems.

Does the child through surrogacy have health conditions?

Yes, the child through surrogacy will be highly healthy. Also, your baby will share the genetic relation with the intended parents. Because the process functions with the IVF treatment for the surrogate mother’s conception. The healthy surrogate mother carries to deliver your baby under top observation. With, the method starts after checking the couple and surrogate health and any disorder conditions. So that any issue can diagnose before starting the method. Also, you can have the top procedure as per problems. It helps in the successful and healthy pregnancy of the surrogate.

Why are surrogacy charges highly expensive?

Surrogacy is an expensive process because the couple has the surrogate mother’s womb. As the healthy surrogate mother conceives and delivers the intended parents’ child. Also, the process is highly top-notch to help in surrogate mother pregnancy outcomes. But the child will have a genetic relationship with the intended parents. It includes different charges from starting the process to taking your healthy baby home. As you can check the charges because various factors are responsible for increasing the process charges. Your surrogacy cost is higher as the legal agreement also includes. It impacts the entire budget as increases higher.