How to find surrogate mother in India

How to find surrogate mother in India: India is the most important step for couples looking to have a baby through the surrogacy procedure. The entire surrogacy procedure is based on the health & mental condition of the surrogate mother. Couples can ask their close friends or relatives to be surrogate mothers. They can also hire a healthy & fertile surrogate mother from agencies or the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic.

For couples, it can be a difficult task to find a surrogate mother in India in their initial stage of surrogacy treatment as there are many questions in couple’s minds that who is the one who fits in their plan and carries the pregnancy till term.

What are the best ways to find a surrogate mother in India?

The following are the best suitable ways to find surrogate mother in India, and these are:

  1. Surrogacy websites: It is one of the best & suitable ways to find a surrogate mother in India. In this method, couples are responsible for hiring surrogate mothers through surrogacy websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), placing advertisements in classifieds, etc. By adopting these methods, couples can avoid the expenses of hiring a surrogate mother through fertility clinics in India or surrogacy agencies. However, it is the responsibility of the couple to bear all the additional costs of the surrogate mother and take her proper care so that she can deliver a healthy & disease-free baby.

The couples need to create their profiles on these surrogacy websites whosoever is looking for the surrogate mother so that surrogate mothers worldwide can view their profiles & contact them to become surrogate mothers for the childless couples. Couples creating their profile on these websites need to mention a brief introduction that helps the surrogate mother in India to understand the couple’s requirements.

Once the surrogate mother in India reads the mentioned profiles of the couples looking for babies, they contact them to know the details and the expectations from the surrogacy procedure.  The surrogate mother & couples looking for a baby need to meet in person and discuss all the pros and cons of the process. Once both parties agree, they must visit the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic to begin the surrogacy procedure.

  1. Independent surrogacy journey: Another best way to find a surrogate mother in India is the independent surrogacy journey. It is a way for couples to ask their close friend or relative to be a surrogate mother for them. The couples can send messages in their private groups such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc., that they are looking for a surrogate mother in India. With this method, couples can save their money on hiring a surrogate mother, or they pay a minimal amount as a token of love to their friend or relative who took pain to deliver a baby for them. 
  1. Surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics: It is one of the best & safe methods for couples to find a surrogate mother in India because the surrogates hired by these agencies or fertility clinics are appropriately examined for infectious diseases, genetic disorders, physical and psychological health before they deliver their services as a surrogate mother to any couple. Indian Surrogate Mother is one of India’s most renowned fertility clinics that hire healthy and fertile surrogate mothers who are 21 to 38 years old and ensure the highest success rates of delivering a healthy baby.

When couples call these surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics, the representatives of these agencies or clinics ask the couples’ preference and their expectations from the surrogacy procedure & the surrogate mother. Once they get all the details accordingly, they find a surrogate mother in India. She will willingly be ready to carry a pregnancy in her womb until the baby is delivered. Suppose a selected surrogate mother in India and biological parents express the same interest. In that case, the representative of these agencies or clinics arranges a meeting where both parties get enough time to know each other better and understand the expectations from the surrogacy procedure.  

Couples who opt for this method to find a surrogate mother in India will get benefits like best fertility counsellors, complete support from the initial stage until the baby delivers, qualified & experienced surrogate mother,  highest success rates for taking the baby home, etc., however, these services are not applicable with other methods of finding a surrogate mother in India.

Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic in India that helps couples in finding the best surrogate mothers in India who are physically & mentally fit to bear the stress of the surrogacy procedure and ready to deliver a healthy and disease-free baby. 

How does the surrogacy procedure work?

Types of surrogacy in India: Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic in India where experts will perform surrogacy procedures either as gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy:

(i) Gestational surrogacy: In gestational surrogacy, the fertility experts collect the eggs and sperm of genetic parents using an IVF procedure. Once the eggs and sperms are collected, they artificially inseminate them outside the woman’s body but in the IVF lab to facilitate fertilization. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist will transfer the formed embryo into the gestational surrogate mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. Gestational surrogacy is a procedure that allows couples to maintain a genetic relationship with the baby born through surrogacy.

(ii) Traditional surrogacy: The fertility experts will not perform an IVF procedure in traditional surrogacy. They use the surrogate mother’s eggs or donor eggs and mix them with the donor sperm or biological father’s sperm to aid the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will transfer the resulted embryo into the uterus of the traditional surrogate mother and wait for pregnancy to occur. Traditional surrogacy is a procedure that allows the only male member to have a genetic connection with the baby born through surrogacy.

How much does couples need to pay in finding surrogate mother in India?

Surrogate mother cost in India: The following is the cost structure as per the surrogacy procedures:

Particulars Gestational surrogacy cost in INDIA Traditional surrogacy cost in INDIA
The essential cost of finding an experienced surrogate mother in India. Up to 10 lakhs Up to 7 lakhs
The direct cost of a surrogate mother who delivered a baby for the first time. Up to 7 lakhs Up to 5 lakhs
Cost for delivering twin babies Up to 3 lakhs Up to 3 lakhs
Cost for delivery triplets Up to 6 lakhs Up to 6 lakhs
Cost for standard delivery Up to 40,000 Up to 40,000
Charges for C-section Up to 2.5 lakhs Up to 2.5 lakhs
If any unexpected condition occurs, then the couple needs to pay as per the occurrence. Up to 5 lakhs Up to 5 lakhs
Cost of Screening
Particulars Cost in INR
Psychological & physical screening for both parties Up to 5 lakhs
Background & criminal check of surrogate mother and biological parents Ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000
Medical check-up of surrogate mother and her husband Will confirm by fertility expert after medical examination.
Surrogacy legal charges 
Particulars Cost in INR
Designing the legal contract of surrogacy will cost  Up to 1 lakh
Reviewing the legal contract on behalf of surrogate mother will cost Up to 50,000
Other expenses
Particulars Cost in INR
Health insurance coverage for surrogate mother Up to 12 lakhs
Surrogate mother’s expenses for clean accommodation & food Up to 3.5 lakhs
Travelling expenses Up to 8,000
Surrogate mother’s post-pregnancy charges Up to 1 lakh

Is surrogacy a legal & safe procedure in India?

Surrogacy law in India: Yes, surrogacy is a legal & safe procedure in India that helps many infertile couples to enjoy their parenthood with their babies. Surrogacy is one of the most advanced fertility treatments worldwide. It allows same-sex couples, single parents and couples who cannot conceive naturally to have their babies through surrogacy procedures. It is a procedure in which both parties need to sign a legal contract before starting the treatment. The agreement states that the surrogate mother will carry a baby in her womb for nine months and hand over the baby to their biological parents on completing the surrogacy procedure. On the other side, the birth parents will take complete care of the surrogate mother, including their compensation. If possible, they also visit the doctor’s appointment with the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is a two-way process, meaning the surrogate mother and the biological parents need to cooperate to achieve a successful outcome. Once the surrogacy procedure is completed, the biological parents must file an application in court for the baby’s birth certificate. It will be done on the 3rd day the baby is born. It is a necessary document that states that babies belong to their biological parents and not to surrogate mothers. Once the court reviews all the documents, they pass the order to prepare a new birth certificate that should have biological parents’ names as a legal parent. After completing all necessary formalities, the couple can take their baby to their home city.


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