ICSI treatment in India

ICSI treatment in India: The estimated ICSI treatment cost in India ranges from INR 1 85,000 to INR 2 00,000, including IVF procedure and medication cost that women require to stimulate the ovaries, which help her produce multiple mature eggs in one cycle for fertilization. Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic where people will get the reasonable ICSI cost India to have a baby. However, other fertility clinics in India charge for the same procedure around INR 4 to 5 lakhs for a single cycle which does not include the medication cost.

ICSI Procedure Cost in INR Remarks
  • Experts consultation & visits
1 85,000 to 2 00,000 ICSI cost India includes the IVF and ICSI procedure.
  • Fertility Medications 
  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound scans
  • Hormonal injections
  • Egg retrieval 
  • Fertilization process
  • Hospital stay
  • Professionals charges
  • Lab charges

Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic in India that offers suitable ICSI treatment in India for all those people who are below the poverty line and can’t afford the expensive fertility treatments to enjoy their parenthood phase. 

How do fertility experts perform ICSI treatment in India?

The fertility experts at Indian Surrogate Mother perform the best ICSI treatment in India in which they will extract the sperm surgically from male ejaculate using two techniques, i.e., (i) Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) and (ii) percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA). If these techniques fail, fertility experts perform the most advanced & latest plan, which is Testicular sperm extraction (TESE).

Once enough sperm is successfully retrieved, the fertility experts first perform the IVF procedure to collect the woman’s egg. They will use a hollow needle that passes through the woman’s pelvic cavity of the upper vaginal wall. It is a method through which the fertility expert can remove the fluid from the follicles with transvaginal ultrasound and isolate the eggs.

After this procedure, the fertility expert will combine the woman’s eggs with the man’s retrieved sperms to aid the fertilization process. During fertilization, the experts monitor the growth and development of the eggs. Once eggs get developed, the fertility expert picks the single active and healthy sperm and directly injects it into each egg to ease the fertilization process. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist selects the most active embryo/s to place into the biological mother’s uterus and will wait for the pregnancy signs and symptoms.

After two weeks of embryo transfer, the fertility experts ask the couple to visit the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic for the pregnancy test. The expert will conduct an ultrasound to check the pregnancy status. Suppose the fertility expert can hear the infant’s heartbeat. In that case, it indicates that the successful pregnancy has occurred, and the couple gets discharged from the fertility clinic to their local gynecologist for further treatment.

What all is included & excluded in ICSI treatment in India?

Inclusions Exclusions
1. Complete cycle of IVF & ICSI, including medications require for stimulation.2. Embryo transfer3. Sperm preparation

4. Egg pick-up & sperm collection

5. Egg insemination

6. Airport pick-up

7. Blood test & ultrasound scans

8. IVF lab & equipment expenses

9. Arrangement for food, accommodation, etc.

10. Fertility expert fees

1. If the couple wants to freeze the sperm, they need to pay the amount for freezing sperm from their pocket. 2. Sperm retrieving techniques such as TESA, PESA, or TESE is not included in the ICSI cost India.3. Will does not include embryos freezing & storing for the first year under ICSI cost India.

To whom do fertility experts recommend ICSI treatment in India?

ICSI treatment in India is recommended to treat the causes of male infertility, such as mentioned below:

  • Low or poor sperm counts
  • Azoospermia
  • Poor quality of sperm
  • Poor motility or sperm movement
  • Sperm that cannot infiltrate an egg.

Is ICSI treatment in India is a safe procedure to have a baby?

We all know that surgical procedures are associated with high or low risks; similarly, some trouble is attached with ICSI treatment in India also that includes the following:

  • ICSI treatment in India is a fertility procedure that carries a specific genetic defect found in a smaller number of children born through ICSI procedure; however, the issues associated with ICSI procedure might cause by underlying infertility instead of the treatment itself.
  • Suppose a baby boy has been born through an ICSI procedure in India. In that case, there can be some possibilities that a baby will inherit his father’s infertility which means that the baby boy might have issues of genetic disorder significantly associated with the Y chromosome. It indicates that a baby boy born through an ICSI fertility procedure has considerably fewer chances of carrying his father’s infertility at the later age.

The fertility experts at the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic advise the couples planning for ICSI treatment in India should undergo genetic testing before an embryo transfer to prevent their baby from a congenital disease that might pass while performing ICSI treatment in India. We have qualified & trained fertility counselors who guide the couples before they plan any fertility treatment to have their babies. 

Why the Indian Surrogate Mother has has become the most preferred choice of many people?

Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic has become the most preferred choice for many people because of the following factors, and these are:

  1. Cost-effective treatments: Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic in India that offers the appropriate fertility treatments to each individual without biasing between the lower, middle, or upper-class people. The main aim of this fertility clinic is to spread happiness in the life of childless couples.
  1. Success rates: To date, the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic in India has achieved the highest success rates for each fertility treatment because the experts at this clinic use high-end equipment to treat the causes of infertility and offer the couples the best solution.
  1. Facilities: Indian Surrogate Mother is a fertility clinic in India that offers world-class facilities to each individual such as 24/7 complete patient care & support, blood tests & ultrasounds under one roof, best & comfortable stay during the treatments, proper maintenance of documents, etc.


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