Indian Surrogate Mother’s Compensation

Compensation of an Indian Surrogate Mother


Surrogacy is booming like never before in India, owing to affordable rates of the services available easily at different centers in diverse city and states. Indian surrogates are not being paid what a foreign surrogate might be paid but her compensation easily offers her and her family a financial support. This extra support helps her to plan a secure future for her children in terms of education and a respectable life for herself also.

Compensation to a surrogate in India ranges somewhere between 2.5 lacks to 5 lacks. Besides this compensation, medical care is offered to surrogates from the clinics they are being hired by. The responsibility of a surrogacy clinic does not end here. The clinic required to manage every single requirement that could help the surrogate pass the nine months period with easy. It includes medical care also.

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Medical care is just not a term but a broad spectrum that includes timely checkup of the surrogate insured by the clinic itself. This also includes offering her medicines within the time as well as timely check up of the surrogate. All this will ensure the health of both the surrogate as well as the health of to be born baby. Intended parents also keep an eye over these checkups as their baby is the one going to be born from the hired surrogate only.

Prominent clinics are known best for offering travelling expenses to a surrogate during first days of her pregnancy. These clinics also believe to take proper care of diet taken by the surrogate. Proper nutrition is also an important aspect to be taken care of by the clinic. It is included in the compensation that a surrogate would be offered during and after the pregnancy. The compensation might not reimburse the physical pain of the surrogate but it can certainly let her be a bit strong financially.