Indian Surrogate Mother’s Education

Indian Surrogate Mother Education

Modernization in medical science has given some of the most prominent reasons for childless couples to have a baby of their own through surrogacy. Surrogacy is getting most popular in India due to affordable cost of services and reliable facilities available there at every city such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai to mention a few. This article is all about surrogates and their educational background to give a clearer picture to you.

In India surrogates are those who do not have higher education qualification but can read and write well if required. Surrogates in India generally belong to middle class, which sometimes becomes a reason for their lower education as their families could not afford to educate them further. Indian surrogates (depending upon a general data) have an educational qualification of passing 5th or 6th class or sometimes a school certificate.


Surrogates in India do not have higher education qualification with them, which is one of the reasons of opting for surrogacy, as it is a kind of job that do not involved or require an educational qualification with a lady. Just being health is all that is required to be a surrogate. Though Indian surrogate mothers are not highly educated; however, they are in a position to understand the surrogacy procedure well before coming into the business.

These surrogates are required to sign a contract being one of the parties intended parents being the second party. Having a basic knowledge is most to surrogate so that they could understand well the points explained them written in the contract. The contract is made so that surrogate and the intended party may stick to the points agreed by both of the when signing the contract.

Des:  surrogates are not well educated women but possess basic understanding of this explained them while the sign the contract.