Indian Surrogate Mother’s Recruitment Process

Recruitment Procedure for Indian Surrogate Mother

Indian Surrogate Mother’s Recruitment Process- Surrogacy is a complex procedure for the women being the surrogate. She requires going through physical and mental discomfort, and thus it is most important for the lady to be prepared for the same in advance. For assuring the same, clinics providing surrogacy services prescribe rather do many medical tests of the lady beginning her surrogacy tenure. These tests include physical as well as mental assessment of the surrogate.

Surrogacy clinics do consider choosing women who have already experienced pregnancy. It makes the whole procedure much simpler for them. They do not require telling ladies the kind of discomfort she will go into as she has already experienced the same. Several procedures are involved in choosing a surrogate, some of which are explained below briefly. The surrogate requires clearing all these tests to get into the trade

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Procedure to Select Surrogates  

People choose to get a surrogate from:

  • A surrogacy clinic
  • Find one themselves
  • Or getting a relative are agree to the same

Choosing a surrogate from a surrogacy clinic is ideal for those who do not wish to indulge in stress while choosing a surrogate. Such parents can pay the pills to the agency, and the work is done. Surrogate agencies first confirm the candidacy of a surrogate depending upon the results of medical can psychological evaluations. Psychological interviews are important to conduct to determine that the surrogate mother is mentally healthy. It also assures that the lady can follow the protocols designed for the period of surrogacy. This test also confirms that the lady is not forced or pressured to go under the procedure and chooses the same with her consent only.

In the list of tests done, a blood test confirms a place. It is done to make sure the lady has no major illness or signs of sexually transmitted diseases. Several Blood-Hormone tests and other pathological and biochemical tests are performed. Some clinics will also prescribe some of the DNA of cervical tests to screen infection in body organs. A lady needs to be fit physically and mentally when considering surrogacy. Many physical changes can occur during nine months, and thus, her body requires enough bearing all these changes. Once the woman clears all these tests, then only her candidacy is approved for being a surrogate.

Some surrogates can also approach intended parents to offer their services. This way, surrogacy is also getting popular as there is no involvement of third parties. Both the parties mutually agree to protocols listed in the contract made between the parties. It is very important to contact like this as it reduces complications after the delivery for both parties. The surrogate may emotionally get attracted to the child; however, the contract signed would not let her do anything even if she wishes. It is thus helpful for intended parents.

Such cases have already been reported and thus, being in a contract is most important for both the intended parents and the surrogate. It protects the right of both parties. When contact is made with relatives, no such contract is required; however, it is always safe to agree on certain terms even if the contract is made with relatives. It will help to remain within the rules mutually agreed upon by both parties. Such a contract can be made with the help of a surrogacy lawyer offering such services. One can find these lawyers easily through an online search.