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Indian Surrogate Mother – Her Family Support

Westernization in many senses has already approached India and surrogacy is a modern example of the same. In India, being a surrogate is not a decision that is just limited to the surrogate herself but her family is also involved in the same. In India, deciding to be a surrogate is a family decision that must have the consent of all the members of the family. As Indian families live being a joint family thus it becomes most important for a lady to let her decision get consent of each and every person.

In India deciding to be a surrogate is itself difficult for a lady to consider the decision because of the narrow mentality of people. There is still a class of people in India that is not in favor of surrogacy and thus do not like their wives or female member to let go for surrogacy even if the woman want for the same. Hence, the lady deciding to be a surrogate first needs to get the permission from family members to take a step forward.

The surrogate mothers at a surrogate house in India 

Experts of a Surrogate’s Interview

In our attempt of knowing the actual condition of a surrogate in India, we landed in the city of garden, “Bangalore”. We searched for a surrogacy clinic and meet a number of surrogates; we got a chance to talk to Indirani, a woman in her thirties, earlier a garment worker and now a surrogate. Her tale was a narration of emotion; feelings were there in every sentence rather each word felt as if there was a thud upon us. Here is some of the excerpt for you.

Indirani is an uneducated woman and thus did not if a trade called surrogacy exists in India. She belongs to a middle class society and today is a surrogate renting her womb for money. We were fortunate enough to meet Indirani when she was pregnant. She agreed to talk to us and here is our narration of the interview done with this courageous lady. She is not less than a role model to thousands of other surrogates who are living in the dormitory run and managed by COTW in Bangalore.

Indirani was married twelve years before when she was just 18. Today she has a small family, a husband and 2 kids of her own. Managing to get into surrogacy is an interesting story, Indirani narrated us. She told us how she got consent of her husband and family that was not in any cost ready to let her be a surrogate. How she managed to convinced her family and husband is an interesting approach she took to get into this business.

As Indirani belongs to a middle class family she was not at all aware of surrogacy. She got to know the same from a lady offering surrogacy services in the area Indirani was staying. At first the news seemed to be a silly ideal for Indirani; however, the amount of money offered to a surrogate was something that allured her the most and she decided to be a surrogate. The next step in this venture was to get permission of the same form her family and husband.

Indirani knew her family is not going to accept the idea of her being a surrogate; however, she has to ask for the same. Indirani then talked first with her husband as his consent was something that can help her get permission of other family members also. Indirani talked and made her husband understand about the procedure. After she requested a lot and told she can be a financial support to the family her husband agreed for the same.

Another step for her was to get consent of her family members in which her husband supported her and anyhow she managed getting permission of her family. For the very first time Indirani was nervous when she was inseminated with an embryo. The surrogate home care her well and she also get proper care and affection from her family for entire nine months time. Support from her family made Indirani get the mental piece that is most important for a lady when she is pregnant.

Getting the consent from her family was not an easy take for Indirani. She made a number of attempts to let her sister-in-law as well as her mother-in-law get the permission of the same. she was aware of the fact that the mentality of a typical Indian family might let her lose the job that could be a helping hand for her. When Indirani failed to get permission from her family she decided to let her family speak with a counselor so that she can get the permission. It was second and the last attempt for her in which she succeeded and today she earns her bread with respect.


Why do I need surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a need for couples with severe infertility conditions. It helps them in having a healthy child successfully. Also, other assisted reproductive methods only provide the pregnancy outcome. But couples with extreme sterility issues need the best method. And surrogacy is the top process that successfully provides the child in the intended parents’ hands. It is needed in many infertility issues, such as:

  • The female partner does not have a healthy uterus to carry and deliver the baby.
  • You have faced multiple pregnancy failures and unsuccessful other assisted reproductive techniques.
  • The female partner has extreme health conditions related to the heart or liver.

Is surrogacy the best decision?

Yes, surrogacy is a top-notch procedure than any other method. Because, other processes only provide the pregnancy outcome. But, surrogacy is the top-most procedure that provides a healthy baby in the hands. Since the healthy surrogate mother conceives the baby for the intended parents. So, your surrogacy decision is the best. It helps in many infertility conditions and has a top outcome. Also, the legal contract and governmental regulation involve the entire process. You can have the best result as your genetic-related baby is in your hands. And you will not have to face any issues.

Why surrogacy over other procedures?

Many assisted reproductive techniques are available thanks to medical science betterment. These help in couples’ infertility conditions. A maximum of these procedures provide the pregnancy outcome. You can have them for health and infertility issues. Also, the fertility expert recommends them after checking your conditions. And only surrogacy is the topmost providing a healthy child. Because, its process involves the surrogate mother. As she conceives the intended parents’ child to deliver for them. Your surrogacy procedure can also function as per your infertility conditions. It helps in a better outcome because IVF helps in conception.

What is the surrogacy process?

Surrogacy has an extensive process that takes time. It will start with having the surrogate mother and knowing the country’s legalities. Then, the IVF method uses for the surrogate mother’s conception. The intended parents’ eggs and sperm will collect by the expert. Firstly, they will provide fertility and hormonal medications to the female partner. It produces healthy eggs with high count and maturity. Then, advanced technologies use to retrieve healthy eggs. The male partner’s sperm also collects and prepares in the lab. Then, the fertility expert fertilizes the gametes and implants them inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. It provides the pregnancy outcome and after nine months, your child.

Who is the gestational surrogate?

Surrogacy has two types gestational and traditional. Gestational surrogacy is the best legal process. Because it provides the intended parents’ genetic-related child. Also, it is legal because the surrogate mother does not share any relation with the resulting child. And the intended parents share all relations with the child. As gestational process functions with the couple’s eggs and sperm. It means the couple gametes fertilize in the couple observation. And for pregnancy, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. Also, she has no right over the baby after the delivery.