male infertility treatment in India

male infertility treatment in India: The average cost of male infertility treatment in India ranges from INR 1 00,000 to INR 5 lakhs. However, the cost of the treatment varies from procedure to procedure and location where the procedure is performed. Before fertility experts perform male infertility treatment, they will conduct tests related to the couple’s medical and sexual history. If experts find that the reports are normal, they conduct the man’s semen analysis to check the man’s sperm at different levels. The semen analysis examination is performed to check the numbers of normal or moving sperm available in male members’ testicles for successful fertilization. The reason behind producing irregular or deformed sperms is the medical issues with which male members are dealing due to which fertility experts failed to fertilize women’s eggs.  

What are the options available to treat male infertility treatment in India?

People will get various male infertility treatments in India at the best IVF center in India, which is Indian Surrogate Mother, where the hope of having a baby turns into reality. The following are some male infertility treatments in India:

  1. Assisted reproductive technology (ART): ART is the male infertility treatment in India in which the fertility expert extracts the sperm surgically from the male member’s testicles depending on their medical condition. It is a procedure in which the fertility experts will directly insert a single active and healthy sperm into each egg by performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedures.
  2. Hormone treatments and medications: The fertility experts at the best IVF center in Delhi will recommend hormone replacement instead of surgery. If this treatment does not give successful results, only then the experts recommend the surgery option. In hormone replacement procedures, the fertility experts replace the male member’s hormone to treat the male infertility issues that high or low levels of hormones have caused.
  3. GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer): The GIFT is a fertility procedure similar to IVF treatment. It is the best male infertility treatment in India in which fertilization will naturally occur during the woman’s monthly cycle, and fertility experts directly place the male member sperm inside the woman’s fallopian tubes. 
  4. Seminal Vesicles Resection: Seminal Vesicles Resection is the male infertility treatment at the best IVF center in Delhi, which is performed to eliminate the obstruction in man’s seminal tract that improve the chances of the inflamed or chronically dilated zones to normalize.
  1. Varicocele Repair: Varicocele repair is a surgical procedure performed by skilled & experienced surgeons at the best IVF center in India, Indian Surrogate Mother. Suppose the size of the varicocele is significant. In that case, nearly two-thirds of men will undergo varicocele ligation, which can improve the quality of men’s sperm, due to which the pregnancy rates will increase and can go up to 60%. There are chances that most of the pregnancies occur in a 6 to 9 months period following the surgery; however, it depends on the women’s age. If male members deal with severe causes of sperm count and motility, then varicocele repair surgery is the best option to improve the sperm count. After that, couples can conceive a baby without any assistance.
  2. Sperm Retrieval Techniques: The best IVF center in India uses several sperm retrieval techniques such as TESA, PESA, and TESE. These techniques are minimally invasive and help fertility experts to obtain men’s sperm. Sperm retrieval is a useful technique for that male who had a vasectomy, a failed vasectomy reversal, obstructive azoospermia, etc.

It is a technique in which the fertility experts put male members under local anesthesia and extract their sperm by using a fine thin needle either from Epididymis, which is termed as percutaneous epidydimal sperm aspiration (PESA), or from Testicle, which is termed as testicular sperm aspiration (TESA). If fertility experts fail to retrieve enough sperms by these two techniques, they will use the most advanced Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) technology. Once the sperms are retrieved, the experts will mix them with women’s eggs to initiate fertilization.

What can be the best IVF treatment cost in India at Indian Surrogate Mother?

At the Indian Surrogate Mother fertility clinic, people will get the best IVF treatment cost in India, ranging from INR 1 50,000 to INR 2 20,000 per IVF cycle. It will increase according to the requirement of the IVF cycles. Below is the estimated best IVF treatment cost in India:

Procedures Cost in INR
Basic IVF cost in India Ranges from 1 50,000 to 2 20,000
IVF with ICSI in India Ranges from 1 80,000 to 1 95,000
IVF with PGD Ranges from 2 50,000 to 2 75,000
IVF with sperm donor Ranges from 2 00,000 to 2 20,000
IVF with egg donor Ranges from 2 75,000 to 3 50,000
IVF with embryo donor Ranges from 2 75,000 to 3 00,000
IVF with FET Ranges from 2 20,000 to 2 35,000
IVF with laser assisted hatching Ranges from 2 40,000 to 2 80,000
IVF with gestational surrogacy Ranges from 10 00,000 to 15 00,000


Why has Indian Surrogate Mother become the best IVF center in India?

Indian Surrogate Mother has become the best IVF center in India because this center provides the best & experienced fertility experts. They offer the best IVF treatment cost in India that each individual can easily afford. It is the best fertility center known as a center of blessings for couples looking to have their babies through IVF procedures. The experts at this clinic use the latest & advanced technologies to treat all types of infertility issues and provide the best solution for couples to have their babies. This best IVF center in India aims to spread happiness worldwide without biasing between poor, middle, or upper class people.


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