Life After Surrogacy

Life after Surrogacy

Why to choose being a surrogate?

Being a surrogate is not an easy decision for a woman even if she decides to go for the same with all her consent. Going to be a surrogate is not just a decision to make. It equals to letting oneself go into mental and physical pan for an entire nine months period. In India this procedure is most commonly attempted by women who are middle class ones having their basic necessities get fulfilled by their family. Beginning surrogacy is just an extra earning source for some of them.

For them surrogacy is offering smiles to intended parent’s face as they are not able to conceive the natural way. There is plethora of reasons for considering surrogacy for women undergoing the procedure. Some practice this procedure to make a better future for their children by earning a bit more than the total earnings of the family as a whole. For such ladies surrogacy is more like a job that involves a lot physical bearings.

Reasons Considering Surrogacy

Some women consider being a surrogate for close family members or for friend if any physical disability is there with their relatives. This is done with the consent of the lady being the surrogate. It is ideal for those who do not wish hiring surrogates. Some women are a surrogate for their known people in case the female partner is not ready to conceive the child. This is practiced most commonly in western countries.

Surrogacy for the reason stated above has also started in India a few years back as women are becoming more aspiring for their future than planning their family. To such women there is a way to skip being pregnant but enjoy the period of motherhood. Being a mother is an amazing feeling; however, ladies now are getting more conscious for their career and do not let their professional life go just like that after being pregnant.

There are women who wish being pregnant again without having another child in their family. This way surrogacy becomes an ideal option for these ladies. They can experience the same feeling without having a new member in their home. These days a number of women reason being surrogate to help others in growing their family, of course they are paid for the same.  However, the intension is letting help to unfertile intended couples.

The Life of a Woman after Surrogacy

  • After the period of surrogacy when the surrogate delivers the baby to the intended parents, she is well cared by the clinic and promised for future care even after the surrogacy ends.
  • She is compensated well for the attempt made for being surrogate
  • Some of the clinics or intended parents also offer care for the surrogate’s family to help her financially so that her kids can settle well later in their lives.
  • Some clinics offer compensation to surrogates to let her improve the skills so that she can also establish later in her life.