Medical and Nutritional Care of Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Mother- Medical and Nutritional Care after choosing one


For infertile parents surrogacy is a blessing. It is an amazing technique for childless a couple, that has made it possible for such parents to have their genetic child born with a surrogate. A surrogate can either be the genetic mother of the child or she can be the gestational carrier for intended parents. The latter is a procedure of injecting an embryo cultured from the egg and sperm from intended parent in a surrogate’s womb if the original mother’s womb is not able to rear the child due to infertility issues.

These ladies offering their surrogacy services required to be feed properly in terms of nutrition they take regularly. The health of a surrogate is an important aspect as she requires delivering a healthy baby for which proper diet is the primary thing. Indian surrogates very often are misunderstood as residents of poor family as well as society which is just not correct they are not so called rich people; however, not also that much poor unable to arrange basic necessities of life.

The actual condition of a surrogate

In India surrogacy is generally considered by clients coming from foreign countries and thus it is important for them to know the actual scenario of a surrogate in India. Indian surrogate mothers are not so called poor women deprived of basic necessities of life; however, they are the ones who have an urge to earn more to offer a better life to their family. These women don’t mind becoming a participant to get a small percentage of the benefit from the surrogacy industry growing leaps and bounds.

Surrogacy is not just a business for the lady becoming the surrogate. She knows well the pro and cons of the trade and then prepare for being a candidate. They know how much is it important for them to be healthy even to consider the thought of being a surrogate. Both physical and mental stress is there to be bear by the lady and thus she prepares herself in the same manner. If an agency hires a surrogate it is liable to offer medicinal and nutritional care to the lady.

Medical and Nutritional Care

  • A surrogate after being inseminated should always be cared properly by the clinic she is working for. It is also the duty of intended parents to look for the surrogate as it is always about the child to be born.
  • Medical checkups are done timely for the entire nine months period so that they may know the condition of surrogate in terms of health.
  • Besides maintaining medical care for the surrogate her diet should also be managed well by the agency she has been hired by
  • Prenatal care also includes proper exercising and some of the nutrient supplements to be given to the surrogate. It insures for the health of the child and the surrogate.
  • Some agencies offer pre and post surrogacy care to the surrogate before and after she presumes and resume the surrogacy. They called it as a part of their duty to offer care to a surrogate even after the birth of a baby.
  • The balance nutritional diet given to the surrogate must include all the essential nutrients including vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins in the right amount.
  • Fresh vegetables fruits and dairy product must be added to the regular diet of the surrogate to help her body retain the required amount of nutrition required to the lady
  • Besides maintain the nutritional and medical care to the surrogate physical exercising is also important for the surrogate.