Surrogacy cost in Kolkata

How much does surrogacy cost in Kolkata 2023?

Surrogacy cost in Kolkata: Cost of Surrogacy in Kolkata is a reasonable procedure at the Indian Surrogate Mothers fertility clinic for people of every class, especially those below the poverty line. These are the people for whom surrogacy is an expensive procedure, and they cannot afford to have a baby through this fertility treatment. The Indian Surrogate Mothers is a clinic that makes the surrogacy procedure affordable for everyone. They wish to see each other happy and enjoying their parenthood phase; the cost cannot stop them from living happily with their babies. Offering affordable Surrogacy costs in Kolkata doesn’t mean that this clinic compromises the quality of the treatment. They offer the best quality treatment at a reasonable cost. 

Surrogacy processes Charges in INR
Surrogacy INR 15,00,000 to INR 20,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor eggs INR 16,40,000 to INR 21,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor sperm INR 15,60,000 to INR 20,80,000
Surrogacy in three attempts INR 19,00,000 to INR 22,00,000
Donor eggs INR 1,40,000 to INR 1,90,000
Donor sperm INR 60,000 to INR 80,000

 process of surrogacy in Kolkata:  There are three types of surrogacy treatments in Kolkata, and the costs vary according on which one you choose. The following are the details:  

  1. Gestational surrogacy: It is a procedure in which fertility experts perform the IVF procedure first and then collect the eggs and sperm of the genetic parents from fertilizing them outside the woman’s body. Once the embryo gets formed, the embryologist will choose the most active embryo/s to transfer into the surrogate mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. The Surrogacy cost in Kolkata with gestational surrogacy procedure is around INR 10 lakhs.
  2. Traditional surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts artificially fertilize the donor eggs with the genetic father’s sperm to aid the fertilization. It will cost around INR 10 25,000 in Kolkata. If the donor sperm fertilize with the genetic mother’s egg to facilitate the fertilization, then the Surrogacy cost in Kolkata is around INR 10 20,000 at the Indian Surrogate Mothers clinic.
  3. Independent surrogacy journey: If couples wish to bring their surrogate mother to be their friend or relative. The Surrogacy cost in Kolkata for them is around INR 2 70,000; however, couples are solely responsible that the surrogate they are bringing for the treatment should be adequately screened for her mental and physical health before delivering her services. The clinic is not responsible if anything goes wrong due to the surrogate mother illness.

Note: Traditional surrogacy is not allowed in India. Gestational Altruistic surrogacy is the only form of surrogacy available in India.

How can couples find surrogate mother in Kolkata?

Nowadays, it becomes easy to find a surrogate mother in Kolkata. Couples can search on the internet for the surrogate mother in Kolkata. Still, before that, they need to upload their profile on surrogacy websites where surrogate mothers can read and contact the couples. The couple needs to mention their preference & expectations from the surrogacy procedure. Once the couple found their surrogate mother in Kolkata, the representative from the fertility clinic will fix their appointment to meet both parties in person so that they can know each other in a better way. 

After a couple of meetings, when both parties are ready to work together to achieve successful results, they can visit the Indian Surrogate Mother clinic. The experts begin the surrogacy treatment and ensure that couples will have a healthy and disease-free baby.

What are the benefits of having a surrogacy treatment?

The following are the benefits of having surrogacy at the Indian Surrogate Mothers clinic and these are:

  1. a) Surrogacy is a beneficial treatment for couples where a female partner cannot conceive a baby naturally due to medical issues. It is difficult for her to hold a pregnancy in her womb. Surrogacy is one of the best fertility treatments for these couples, and also single parents or LGBT couples can choose this treatment for their start families.
  2. b) For couples who wish to have their genetic child and need to maintain a biological relationship with their children, surrogacy is the best fertility option.
  3. c) At the Indian Surrogate Mothers fertility clinic, the experts properly check all women and their uterus before becoming surrogates for any couple. The clinic does this check to ensure the highest rates of successful conception as they know that these couples waited for a long to have their baby.
  4. d) Before an embryo transfer process takes place, the legal advisor of the Indian Surrogate Mother clinic ask both parties, the surrogate mother and the genetic parents, to sign a legal agreement to eliminate any issues during or after the procedure.
  5. e) Surrogacy is a procedure where both parties, i.e., genetic parents and surrogate mother, need to work together to achieve the successful outcome of the process that is a healthy baby. In this procedure, the genetic parents need to form a strong bond with the surrogate mother and develop a lifelong relationship. The strong bond between both parties makes the process more accessible. If a couple plans to have a second baby through surrogacy procedure, they can think for the surrogate mother to have a healthy and disease-free baby.  
  6. f) Surrogacy is a legal procedure; the genetic parents can attend doctor’s appointments with the surrogate mother until the baby delivery. It is a way through which the genetic parents have an opportunity to experience the journey of parenthood.

What’s mentioned in the legal agreement prepared by the legal advisor of the Indian Surrogate Mothers clinic?

The agreement states that the surrogate mother carries a baby in her womb for nine months and hand over the baby on the completion of the surrogacy procedure to the genetic parents without creating any issues. On the other hand, the genetic parents are ready to take full responsibility for the surrogate mother from her initial consultation until the baby delivery. It includes food, accommodation, travel expense, pre & post-medical expenses, clothing, compensation of surrogate mother etc.

Once the procedure is completed, the genetic parents need to apply for an application on the 3rd day of the baby’s birth in the local court to issue the baby’s fresh new birth certificate through surrogacy procedure. The certificate should have the name of the genetic parents as a legal parent instead of a surrogate mother. The court first reviews all the papers that both parties have signed before the surrogacy procedure begins. Once the court verified all the details, they ordered the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate.

What checkups does the expert perform for the surrogate?

Before starting the surrogacy process, the surrogate mother’s health is necessary to check. Because any issue can transmit to the resulting child. Or the successful pregnancy result can affect because of the condition. So before starting, the fertility expert performs several health and physical checkups. This helps in knowing the health and problems. Your expert will check the surrogate mother for any disorder presence, inherited conditions, hepatitis, HIV, and other conditions. As It helps them know the issues before starting the process. So, the process helps in providing better outcomes with cause any extreme condition.

Which surrogacy is legal?

Only a few countries have surrogacy as legal. You can check them before starting the process. Because they have different legalities that allow or prohibit couples and procedures. As in India, Indian couples with severe infertility conditions can choose the process. Also, many laws and regulations are there to function the procedure. Gestational surrogacy is the only legal method that involves the top process. Its method performs with a couple of eggs and sperm under expert observation. And for pregnancy, it implants inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. With it, compensated surrogacy is illegal because the altruistic form is legal.

How IVF use in surrogacy?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the utmost assisted reproductive technique. It helps in many infertility conditions. But the method only provides the pregnancy outcome. Because the couple gametes fertilize and implant. Also, many top-notch technologies and approaches can use to achieve a successful conception. IVF in surrogacy uses as the method for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. It performs the same as in IVF the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize under observation. And for the conception outcome, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s womb. So, you can have the best method as per health and infertility conditions.

Can advanced methods help as like in IVF?

Yes, IVF treatment can involve various top-notch approaches. It helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. As many extreme infertility conditions cannot assist with the single IVF cycle. Thus, the expert can recommend different top assistance. Because many couples have poor gametes health, advanced age, and fewer conception chances. So, advanced methods have the best solution for every problem. As the couple can have donor eggs or sperm. You can latest method for the fertilization of the gametes as ICSI. And many more approaches and procedures are available for different conditions.

Why choose altruistic surrogacy?

The altruistic surrogacy method involves the surrogate mother. It is the only legal method available in India. Also, the process does not include the surrogate mother’s compensation. Because it is illegal in India to provide the surrogate mother compensation. And the altruistic form means the surrogate mother is ready to help you. As she will conceive to deliver your child. Also, she is not helping the couple for any monetary benefit. Because in altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not get any compensation. Also, it helps in the entire surrogacy charges for the intended parents’ budget.

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