Surrogacy Videos and Interviews

Surrogates speaking out their tale (surrogacy interviews)

Surrogacy is becoming one of the most ideal procedures for intended parents to opt when there is infertility issues associated with one of the couples. The procedure is much helpful for such parents as they get a ray of hope to have their genetic related child doesn’t matter even if born through a surrogate. Surrogates also not have any issues with the procedure as this is more of their earning sources. Here are some of the excerpts of surrogates we interviewed.

When asked what made these ladies come into this business, the requirement of money popped out as the major reason for a number of ladies working for a renowned clinic in India. However, it is not all about the money. For some it is a chance to help a needful and for other it is a blessing of god and thus they are helping those who are deprived of this blessing. The reasons went differentiated when we talk some ladies for the same. Do watch interviews we have selected and exclusively brought for you.