Surrogacy Vs Adoption

Surrogacy Vs Adoption

Couples or single people who are not able to have their babies owing to infertility reasons can, in any case, achieve parenthood with several choices. They can either receive or decide on a surrogacy process besides considering adopting a baby in their life. Both of these alternatives may have their pros and cons, but they are being considered a lot by parents who have infertility issues, making it difficult for them to have a baby of their own.

Both may likewise have their own particular set of issues that parents need to consider before considering any of the modes. The laws on both methods differ from state to state as each has its own set of rules designed for parents. Regarding moral and ethical issues, the laws differ from a state to other. Here we are discussing the pros and cons of both procedures. We are explaining the procedures in context with India.

Surrogacy Vs Adoption

In India, both surrogacy and adoption are available for parents. Foreigners can also avail these opportunities by coming to India. The Indian scenario for both the procedures is a different story altogether. Some of the renowned adoption centres are available for adopting a child. Parents require going through a screening test to confirm their candidacy if they adopt a baby.

On the other hand, surrogacy is a long procedure that will take time, effort, and money to let a genetic child born to a surrogate. The equation for both these procedures is simple and depends majorly upon the decision of the parents. There are also pros and cons of both methods that we will explain later in the article. However, despite the pros and cons of its, parents should go with what suits them the most:

Advantages of Surrogacy

  • A unique procedure is making it possible for intended parents to have a child to have at least born with one of the intended parent’s genes. It is one of the most important reasons for which couples adopt surrogacy.
  • An ideal procedure to consider when any one of the intended parents has fertility issues. With surrogacy, the child can be brought to the world related genetically to both parents. Thus, infertility can now is no longer a problem in the way of reproduction to have a child.
  • A procedure is offering satisfaction to both of the parties. Surrogates got financial satisfaction, and intended parents have the satisfaction of having their genetic child with them.

Pros of Adoption 

  • Adoption is a cost-effective method as compared to other procedures. Foster care institute help people adopt child free of cost
  • Adoption will always remain reasonable even if the procedure is practised overseas
  • There are no ethical, moral, or legal issues associated with this procedure, which is more of satisfaction to people practising adoption

Disadvantage of Surrogacy

  • A series of psychological and emotional issues are there to be faced by intended parents when they consider having a child through surrogacy.
  • The whole procedure may cost much more than the entire amount spent in adoption. Hence, it is always costly and time-consuming as well.
Disadvantage of Adoption
  • Some states may not allow parents to adopt a child due to moral and ethical regions. However, such a problem is not there in surrogacy as one of the intended parents can contribute the gene for the birth of a child
  • Asking the doctor is the best way to help choose a procedure that will suit most specifically the intended parents


Why do I need surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a need for couples with severe infertility conditions. It helps them in having a healthy child successfully. Also, other assisted reproductive methods only provide the pregnancy outcome. But couples with extreme sterility issues need the best method. And surrogacy is the top process that successfully provides the child in the intended parents’ hands. It is needed in many infertility issues, such as:

  • The female partner does not have a healthy uterus to carry and deliver the baby.
  • You have faced multiple pregnancy failures and unsuccessful other assisted reproductive techniques.
  • The female partner has extreme health conditions related to the heart or liver.

Is surrogacy the best decision?

Yes, surrogacy is a top-notch procedure than any other method. Because, other processes only provide the pregnancy outcome. But, surrogacy is the top-most procedure that provides a healthy baby in the hands. Since the healthy surrogate mother conceives the baby for the intended parents. So, your surrogacy decision is the best. It helps in many infertility conditions and has a top outcome. Also, the legal contract and governmental regulation involve the entire process. You can have the best result as your genetic-related baby is in your hands. And you will not have to face any issues.

Why surrogacy over other procedures?

Many assisted reproductive techniques are available thanks to medical science betterment. These help in couples’ infertility conditions. A maximum of these procedures provide the pregnancy outcome. You can have them for health and infertility issues. Also, the fertility expert recommends them after checking your conditions. And only surrogacy is the topmost providing a healthy child. Because, its process involves the surrogate mother. As she conceives the intended parents’ child to deliver for them. Your surrogacy procedure can also function as per your infertility conditions. It helps in a better outcome because IVF helps in conception.