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cost of egg freezing in India: For the best and secure way, surrogacy with the frozen eggs I the best option to conceive the child. Now we are going to discuss the true meaning and the etymology of it. Even the division of surrogacy and the frozen eggs as well

What is the Meaning of Egg Donor?

It refers to when a woman donates her egg to another woman to get pregnant through In Vitro fertilization. Even an egg donor should have not using any alcohol, drugs and have a clear medical illness. We will provide the best egg donor with the complete facility of the profile matching, availability of the egg donor.

The right of an egg is less than 30 years. We select all the eggs personally and give them complete medical tests like screening and fertilization. An egg donor could be your relative, friend or any anonymous. If the egg donor is anonymous so it is our responsibility that the entire journey of the egg donor will be confidential, and the reports will not share with anyone as well. We are ensuring that the patient will get the best success rate through the egg donor of us.

What is the meaning of frozen eggs?

Egg freezing is a method of preservation of a woman’s unfertilized eggs. This process is volunteered by the women whose fertility is at risk when they wish to be pregnant. The risk could be due to age, disease or inability to carry a child in the womb. The treatment preserves the ability of the woman to bear children. The eggs produced by a woman at a young age can be preserved from a short duration as months up to years.

To woman should freeze 10-15 mature eggs for which she undergoes a hormonal simulation of 10-12 days. These eggs undergo a freezing process called verification. The eggs are thawed and fertilized with sperm using IVF whenever the woman is ready to use her eggs. After the egg freezing, it takes the embryo’s shape as well, and the patient can easily use their frozen egg 2 or 5 years later.

The fertilized embryos may then be placed in the woman’s uterus with the possibilities of a successful pregnancy. “Surrogacy Frozen Eggs” is the best option to enjoy the parenthood life. Many people afraid of the procedure of the egg donor because they think that the procedure is painful, but nothing is like the because the procedure is not painful but uncomfortable as well.

What is the Reason for Freezing the Eggs?

There are many reasons for freezing the eggs, and the biggest are:

If the patient is dealing with a serious disease, most of the patient secures future fertility through egg freezing. As we have already mentioned, there are some serious diseases by which that can easily affect fertility as well. So, in that case, there is one and only disease, and that is cancer treatment.

  • Freezing embryos.
  • Freezing mature eggs.
  • Freezing ovarian tissue.
  • Taking medication to protect your ovaries during chemotherapy

Fertility Preservation for Social Reasons

The age matters a lot in the category of fertility preservation and the right age for it is the 20 to 30 and most of the women believe that it is the best way to secure your fertilization and it is the best idea for that woman who doesn’t want the child for her career aspiration, education, financial stability and preserve us from the 10-15 years of menopause.

Family History:

When any of the genetic reasons or family is dealing with the problem of endometriosis, premature ovarian failure and early menopause and all these things can easily affect her ability to conceive the child or the woman has the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Even in many cases, the fertility expert suggests using younger eggs for implantation rather than fresh older eggs.

Due to having family disease and social issues, a person selects the surrogacy option with the frozen eggs. Compared to the other options, surrogacy with frozen eggs has the best success rate.

Which surrogacy is legal?

Only a few countries have surrogacy as legal. You can check them before starting the process. Because they have different legalities that allow or prohibit couples and procedures. As in India, Indian couples with severe infertility conditions can choose the process. Also, many laws and regulations are there to function the procedure. Gestational surrogacy is the only legal method that involves the top process. Its method performs with a couple of eggs and sperm under expert observation. And for pregnancy, it implants inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. With it, compensated surrogacy is illegal because the altruistic form is legal.

How IVF use in surrogacy?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the utmost assisted reproductive technique. It helps in many infertility conditions. But the method only provides the pregnancy outcome. Because the couple gametes fertilize and implant. Also, many top-notch technologies and approaches can use to achieve a successful conception. IVF in surrogacy uses as the method for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. It performs the same as in IVF the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize under observation. And for the conception outcome, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s womb. So, you can have the best method as per health and infertility conditions.

Can advanced methods help as like in IVF?

Yes, IVF treatment can involve various top-notch approaches. It helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. As many extreme infertility conditions cannot assist with the single IVF cycle. Thus, the expert can recommend different top assistance. Because many couples have poor gametes health, advanced age, and fewer conception chances. So, advanced methods have the best solution for every problem. As the couple can have donor eggs or sperm. You can latest method for the fertilization of the gametes as ICSI. And many more approaches and procedures are available for different conditions.

Why choose altruistic surrogacy?

The altruistic surrogacy method involves the surrogate mother. It is the only legal method available in India. Also, the process does not include the surrogate mother’s compensation. Because it is illegal in India to provide the surrogate mother compensation. And the altruistic form means the surrogate mother is ready to help you. As she will conceive to deliver your child. Also, she is not helping the couple for any monetary benefit. Because in altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not get any compensation. Also, it helps in the entire surrogacy charges for the intended parents’ budget.

How much surrogacy success rate?

Surrogacy success rates are much higher than any other method. Because it involves a healthy surrogate mother. As she conceives for the couple to deliver the baby. It is the best method in many extreme infertility conditions. As the couple does not have any conception chance. So, you can choose the best method for having the baby successfully. Surrogacy success rates are also higher because the IVF process helps. As the surrogate mother conception happens with the IVF treatment. The expert fertilizes a couple of gametes under observation. Also, various advanced methods and procedures can perform within the treatment.

Does surrogacy have risks?

No, surrogacy generally does not include any risk or problem. It can only involve legal concerns. Because every country has its rules and regulation regarding the process. The intended parents choosing the procedure have to check the country’s laws before starting. It will help you choose the best method. Surrogacy risks will occur if you do not have the process as per the laws. As you can face fines or imprisonment. Otherwise, surrogacy involves the IVF procedure that has egg retrieval and medications used. It can cause some problems for the female partner as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

Why does surrogacy needs legalization?

Surrogacy is the extensive process that functions between two parties. It involves the surrogate mother’s conception and delivery to the intended parents. Well, the process’s motive is to provide a successful pregnancy for the couple. But many people use the procedure as per their choice and use. And they have all the illegal activities. Thus, surrogacy can lead to the surrogate mother, resulting in the child and intended parents’ exploitation. So, every country’s government is legalizing the process as per needs. Also, it helps as a better process for the couple with extreme infertility conditions without causing any problems.

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