Surrogate Coordinators

Indian Surrogate Mother Coordinators

A lady wising to be a surrogate requires cleaning a screening test to be a surrogate. This is a test to get confirmation about the health and mental condition of the women. After a women is get selected she will be explained the procedure of what she would be going through during the nine months period of being a surrogate. Only those women are considered surrogates who have experienced motherhood before and thus it gets easy for coordinators to explain the job to these ladies.

The job of coordinators is quite a big list of responsibilities to be delivered by them. Coordinators are appointed by surrogate clinics so that they can check whether the surrogate chosen maintains cleanliness in her own home? It will give an idea about the living conditions of the surrogate that may affect her candidacy if hygiene is not maintained there at her home. Living in a clean environment is one of the basic requirements a lady requires fulfilling if she is chooses to be a surrogate.

Job Responsibilities of a Coordinator

  • The prime responsibility of a coordinator is to recruit a woman for being a surrogate.
  • It involves physical as well as mental test of surrogate so as to know her physical condition
  • Being physically sound is most important for these ladies as these are required to get under both physical and emotional change
  • Visiting the home of a surrogate is one of the responsibilities a coordinator requires to deliver from his or her side
  • In what conditions, a surrogate is being living is most important to be known to the intended parents. This information can only be taken if a coordinator visits to the home of the surrogate for knowing the actual condition
  • If the surrogate is living in her own home during surrogacy, it is the responsibility of the coordinator to bring her to the hospital for regular check up.
  • If she is maintaining her diet and intake of proper nutrition is also required to be reported by the coordinator to the surrogacy clinic. This information might also be asked by the intended parents.


How do the donor eggs help?

The donor eggs are the healthy eggs from a healthy person. As the female partner cannot produce healthy eggs for fertilization. Your fertility process can include healthy donor eggs for a successful pregnancy outcome. It involves the advanced fertilizing of the donor eggs with male partner sperm. The process helps in various conditions. You can also have healthy donor eggs in the surrogacy process. As the female partner cannot produce healthy eggs for the surrogate pregnancy outcome. So, these are highly successful in providing pregnancy results.

What are infertility conditions?

Various infertility conditions are responsible for causing problems in successful conception. It causes issues for the couple to conceive their baby successfully. Many male and female partners’ conditions are affecting their life. Such as,

  • The female partner does not have healthy eggs or ovaries to produce healthy eggs.
  • You have blocked or any problem in the fallopian tubes.
  • The male partner’s sperm has issues such as poor count, abnormal shape, and size.
  • You are trying to conceive but failed because of unexplained infertility conditions.
  • The female partner has severe health conditions related to the heart or liver.
  • You have abnormal growth presence inside the uterus as polyps or fibroids.
  • Any partner has a high risk of inherited disorder transmission and many more.

Does the surrogate mother have a relationship with the child?

No, the surrogate mother will not have any relation with the resulting child. Because the process functions with advanced assisted reproductive techniques. And the legal agreement also supports the process. So, your baby will not share the relationship with the surrogate mother. The IVF process helps in the surrogate mother’s conception. As the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize under observation and then implant inside the surrogate womb. It means the surrogate gametes do not use in the method. So, the surrogate will not have any connection. Also, the process includes forming a legal contract between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. It mentions the rights and regulations of the surrogate over the child.

How do the intended parents’ rights confirm?

In surrogacy, the expert recommends the formation of a legal agreement. It forms between the couple and the intended parents. Also, the experience surrogacy lawyer forms it with all paperwork. And it mentions the rights and regulations of the child. As the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child. So to make it clear and mention pregnancy rights also, the legal formalities are important. The agreement also includes the intended parents’ rights as they are the real parents. And they have all the rights over the resulting child after childbirth.