Surrogate Mother in Gujarat

  • How to find a Surrogate Mother in Gujarat

    Surrogates are the ones who give new hope to the engaged couple, giving them the biggest gift of their life, i.e., their child. Surrogate Mother in Gujarat is the best medium for the engaged couple. The surrogacy technique comes in the group of ART methodology. Surrogacy is one of the longest ART techniques involving nine months of commitment from the Surrogate to undergo surrogacy treatment. Even if surrogacy takes more than nine months to complete (adding IVF treatment), it is the most efficacious fertility treatment to get the couple’s baby. And one major thing, through the entire procedure of surrogacy, Surrogate Mother Gujarat plays a vital role in carrying out the favorable result.

    Now the question comes here, how to find an appropriate Surrogate Mother in Gujarat. True, when outlines their surrogacy treatment, the first question that creates a question mark in their mind is – how can we find a suitable surrogate for this procedure? Even if we settle on an ART specialist clinic, what is the surety to get the right Surrogate Mother in Gujarat? These questions are obvious to come because neither surrogacy is an easy procedure nor it is cheap. On this page, each minute detail of Surrogate Mother Gujarat is provided. Let’s have a look.

  • Finding a Surrogate Mother in Gujarat

    There are two ways to come down in favor of Surrogate Mother in Gujarat –

    1. ART Clinics / Surrogacy Clinics
    2. The intended couple itself chose Surrogate

    The first way is easy but quite expensive as the clinic provides the Surrogate, and the entire procedure of surrogacy is performed by the clinic experts only. So, the surrogate charges and the procedure of surrogacy (wherein IVF treatment also) are included. Indian Surrogate Mother is best known for its A-1 surrogacy treatment; it provides the best Surrogate Mother in Gujarat, putting forward the highest success rate in surrogacy technique.

    There are several benefits if the couple chooses these clinics.

    • ART specialist clinic is experienced in deciding and selecting healthy and fit Surrogates
    • Fertility experts or doctors do have master hands on each step of surrogacy (performing best IVF treatment )
    • The intended couple, when undergoing IVF treatment during surrogacy, enjoys all the advanced amenities and comfort
    • It is best known for its fertility treatments
    • The best screening process of surrogates
    • Transparent in the process of cost of surrogacy

    The second way to find a Surrogate Mother in Gujarat is by working with an independent surrogacy agreement. It means the engaged couple picks out their Surrogate surrogacy treatment. In this method, the surrogates could be intended couple’s family member, relative or close friend. During this surrogacy method, the couple must undergo IVF treatment and embryo transfer into the Surrogate’s uterus. The rest of the care of the Surrogate is done by the engaged couple’s family.

    Selection procedure of Surrogates by ART Specialist Clinics

    If you are focusing your mind on choosing a Surrogacy fertility clinic or ART clinic for your surrogacy treatment, then it’s not at all a bad idea to go forward. Surrogacy clinics / ART clinics are the ones who have more than enough experience to choose surrogates and perform surrogacy. These clinics already have multiple databases of surrogates. These clinics first make sure about all the eligibility criteria of the women, then there are several tests or screening tests, which the surrogates need to cross with; after all these tests and screening procedures, if the women fulfill the requirements, she is selected as a Surrogate Mother Gujarat.

    The engaged couple should also have the basic info to check whether the Surrogate is fit and fine for surrogacy procedure or not; some of the rules are given below.

    • She must be within the age limit of 21-39
    • She must have had delivered at least a single child without any complication.
    • Non-drug addict, non-smoker, non-alcoholic
    • Away from any major disease (such as heart issue, BP issue, depression etc.)
    • Willing to serve others (to the infertile couple)
    • Should not contain any genetic abnormalities or chromosomal defects
    • Supportive family
    • Pleasant personality and mentally strong
    • These are all the important facts about Surrogate Mother Gujarat, which each infertile couple needs to know.

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