Surrogate Mother in Cochin?

How to have the Altruistic Surrogate Mother in Cochin?

surrogate mother in Cochin– Surrogacy is a process that involves a woman, called a Surrogate Mother, carrying and implanting an embryo or embryo in her uterus, to deliver a baby to the other couple. The procedure involves the use of In Vitro Fertilization technique to place the fertilized egg into the uterus of the Surrogate Mother. Surrogate Mother in Cochin – Find Clinics, Costs, Hospitals, and Centres Offering Surrogate Mother Services in Cochin, Kerala, India.

Surrogate Mother in Cochin

Surrogate Mother in Cochin

The best way to find a surrogate mother in Cochin knows the rules thoroughly. So, you can know more details about the laws. Because surrogacy considers a complex process. And to manage its illegal activities, many rules are present. This helps in achieving the best method. With it, the couple can know about the process laws.

Know more about surrogacy laws in India:

A surrogate mother is a healthy woman for surrogacy. She is willing to help the couple. As by conceiving to deliver the couple’s child. The surrogacy process requires a fit female. Thus, she can become pregnant for the intended parents. Because the couple has severe infertility conditions. It causes problems in their pregnancy. Thus, the surrogate mother can help in pregnancy. Let us know about surrogacy laws in India.

Surrogacy has high success rates than any other method. Because the surrogate mother successfully provides a healthy baby. She is a healthy woman with experience of becoming a mother. And she is ready to help the couple by offering her womb. It also includes the agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. As the process is going to be a little longer.

Surrogacy in India has many rules and regulations. Thus, many rules are there for the surrogate mother. You can know about them thoroughly. The Gestational surrogate mother is legal in India. So, the couple has a genetically related baby. With it, the Altruistic surrogacy form is legal. It means the surrogate mother’s compensation is illegal. Also, commercial surrogacy is illegal in India. Surrogacy laws in India 2022 have undergone many changes.

A healthy surrogate in India is necessary. Because several factors can affect the process. As your child’s fitness can impact. Thus, the intended parents have to check many details. In the post, you can know thoroughly about the surrogate mother criteria. Also, how to find an Altruistic surrogate mother in India? You can know in detail about the surrogacy guidelines in India.

While finding a surrogate mother in Cochin, couples need to keep in mind the below points:

  • The surrogate mother should be a married woman with at least one child.
  • She should not have any previous adverse medical history, including miscarriages.
  • She should not be addicted to alcohol or any other harmful drugs as it affects fertility, and women are unable to produce enough eggs for fertilization in one cycle.
  • The family of the surrogate mother in Cochin should support her decision to be a surrogate mother for another woman. Surrogacy is one of the most emotional and stressful procedures.
  • She needs to clear the physical and medical examination to deliver a healthy baby.
  • She should have no obligations while signing the legal contract that will prepare by the legal advisor of the Indian Surrogate Mothers to run the procedure smoothly.  
  • She needs to clear the criminal background check so that Indian Surrogate Mothers, a fertility clinic, will not face any challenges performing surrogacy in Cochin.

What are the surrogacy types?

Gestational Surrogacy:

The method includes the couple’s eggs and sperm. As the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process assist. It involves advanced technologies for fertilization. Since the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize outside the womb. Then, it transfers into the surrogate uterus. And many infertility conditions can manage within the process. So the surrogate mother conceives the commissioning couple’s child. The resulting child has a genetic relationship with the intended parents. And the intended parents have all rights over the resulting baby.

Traditional surrogacy:

It includes Artificial Insemination or natural insemination. As the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). It performs as the male partner’s sperm collect and prepare. Then, it transfers into the surrogate mother’s uterus. So, the surrogate mother’s eggs can fertilize with the male sperm. However, Traditional surrogacy is illegal in India. As it is a prohibited term in surrogacy rules in India. Because the resulting child has a genetic relationship with the surrogate mother. And the intended mother does not have any relation with the child.

Only Gestational surrogacy is legal in India.

Commercial surrogacy:

The surrogate mother convinces the intended parents. Thus, she experiences all hardships of pregnancy and delivery. And the surrogate mother gets the monetary benefit. It is for her livelihood. The intended couple provides it to show their gratitude for the surrogate help. And the cash reward or other monetary benefits provide to the surrogate. Although, commercial surrogacy in India is banned.

Altruistic Surrogacy in India

Altruistic surrogacy is currently legal in India. It involves the surrogate mother. As the surrogate mother can is only ready to help the couple. Because they cannot conceive a healthy baby. With it, the surrogate mother can be a relative, close family friend, or any woman ready to help. And she does not get any monetary benefit. The surrogate in India is altruistic.

Surrogacy is a complex procedure. And it involves another person’s help. Thus, the compensation was included. So, the surrogate mother can easily become a surrogate. With it, she also gets some livelihood for a better life. But it has become a way for many people and agencies money making ways. Thus, the monetary benefit has been controlled. And now, it is not legal in India. You know more about the surrogacy act in India.

Altruistic surrogacy is the only legal method. Know more in detail:

  • The surrogate mother does not get any monetary benefit.
  • Intended parents’ expenses only included the medical or insurance charges.
  • The couple can provide for the surrogate essential needs. As for diet and proper living needs.
  • Also, the medical insurance of the surrogate mother is of 36 months.

Who is eligible to be a surrogate mother in India?

The surrogate mother in India is a healthy woman. The younger age female can become a surrogate mother. With it, she has already experienced becoming pregnant. Many issues affect a person’s health and fertility. Thus, all problems require confirmation before starting. The intended parents have to choose the surrogate. The surrogate mother must not have a genetic relationship. As with the intended parents. Because the resulting child will have a genetic relationship with the surrogate mother. You can know about the surrogate mother rules in India.

The following are the ways to have Altruistic surrogate rules in India:

  • Intended parents have to choose the surrogate after thorough checking.
  • First, the surrogate mother can be from their family, friend, or any relative. As she is willing to help you without any beneficial purpose.
  • The surrogate mother can have genetic relation with the intended parents. It is as per surrogate mother law in India.
  • With it, the surrogate mother’s age must be between 25 to 35 years.
  • She also is married and has her child without any complications.
  • The couple can have a surrogate mother from any authorized surrogacy center. As they can have a surrogate mother who is willing to help the couple.
  • Also, the surrogate can opt to become a surrogate only once in her lifetime.
  • She does not get any monetary benefit from the couple for her help. Because the altruistic surrogate mother is legal in India.
  • Intended parents can provide her with essential needs. It can include advanced and proper assistance. So, the process can become better.
  • The surrogate mother’s fitness certificate is necessary. As it proves medical and psychological fitness.

What are the couple’s eligibility criteria in India?

Surrogacy is the most demanding procedure. And its causes include illegal activities. Thus, many countries have legalized the process. Surrogacy in India also has many laws. And it has criteria for intended parents. Because every couple in India cannot choose surrogacy. It is only available for couples with extreme conditions. Thus, you require checking all details before starting. Because the new surrogacy law in India has several changes.

 So, the following are the detailed surrogacy laws in India:

  • Indian heterosexual couples can only have surrogacy. As they have Indian citizenship.
  • The couple must be married for at least five years.
  • Also, the couple does not have any children through any method. As through adoption or any other process.
  • The age criteria of the couple are 23 to 50 years for females. And 26 to 55 years of age for the male partner.
  • With it, no ART method has previously helped you. As you have faced several failures in conceiving. Or the couple has extreme medical conditions. Like the female uterus absence or uterus medical issues.
  • Gestational surrogacy is the only legal one. The couple’s eggs and sperm only use for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy.
  • The process cannot have the donor gametes. It is illegal in India to have the donor’s eggs and sperm for surrogacy. (Currently, it is challenged in the Supreme Court of India.)
  • Commercial surrogacy is completely banned in India. It means couples from other countries cannot have surrogacy in India.
  • The compensation for surrogacy by intended parents is illegal in India. Altruistic surrogacy is the only legal method.
  • Couples from other countries can have surrogacy in India. Only In case, they have Indian origins along with proof. As the OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin) cards.
  • The widow or divorcee woman can have surrogacy. Because of her extreme infertility issues. But she must have her healthy eggs. And only she can have the donor sperm for the process. The age criteria for her are 35 to 45 years old.
  • The NSB (National Surrogacy Board), SSR (State Surrogacy Board), and DSB (District Surrogacy Board) have the authority. As they will regulate the couple’s cases for surrogacy.

What are the surrogacy boards in India and their functions?

Surrogacy in India functions with the board’s authority. As they regulate the process and couple’s criteria. The national board has members for the supervision of the SSB. Thus, the State Surrogacy Boards can function smoothly. With it, the DSB (District Surrogacy Board) and Metropolitan Magistrate Court are formed. They maintain the rules for surrogacy in India. Also, they monitor the legal issues of surrogacy in India.

These also function under the NSB. You can get more details on their functions in surrogacy:

  1. NSB Role:
  • The committee forms parliament members of some necessary departments.
  • And their work is to advise the central government on the surrogacy policy. So, they can decide on the process and couples.
  • They also supervise the SSBs (State Surrogacy Boards functioning).
  • Also, they decide the surrogacy clinics’ code of conduct in India.
  1. SSB Role:
  • They work under and as per the NSB regulation.
  • So, they monitor the surrogacy laws implementation as per the latest guidelines.
  • Also, they review the authorities’ functions as of the DSB and MSB.
  1. DSB Role:
  • They issue infertility certificates to the couple.
  • Also, they confirm the insurance coverage by the couple to the surrogate mother.
  • With it, they issue the essentiality certificate for the fulfilment.
  1. Metropolitan Magistrate Court
  • They cover the parental rights of the intended parents after the child’s birth.

What includes in the Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2021?

Surrogacy Regulation Bills 2019 and 2021 mark many new abolishment. As it has prohibited commercial surrogacy in India. And it only allows Altruistic surrogacy. The surrogate mother only conceives for the intended couple. As to help the couple. So, they can have a healthy child. Who can have surrogacy in India as per the bill:

  • The couple has extreme infertility problems. With it, they also have uterus-related conditions.
  • Also, the couple has a ‘certificate of essentiality’ and an ‘Eligibility Certificate’. It issues by the appropriate ART authority.
  • With it, the couple is choosing to have Altruistic Surrogacy.
  • And the couple has no intention of any commercial benefit. Like (surrogate exploitation, gametes sale, or any unethical activity.)

What is Gestational surrogacy in India?

The Gestational process includes the top-most technologies. So, the surrogate mother conceives a healthy baby. And the resulting baby has a relation with the intended parents. It means it involves the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process. As the couple eggs and sperm fertilize outside the uterus. It observes top-notch technologies and doctors. They perform the fertilization of the gametes with top techniques. Then, it transfers into the surrogate mother’s womb. So the pregnancy can take place. With it, they also observe top observation. India surrogacy law 2022 only allows it.

The legal procedure for surrogacy in India includes the following stages:
01.)            Checkups:

The couple and surrogate mother’s health issues check in it. As the intended parents eggs and sperm will use. So, it must have high quality. With it, their other disorder status can confirm. Thus, it does not affect the resulting child’s health. Similarly, the surrogate mother’s fertility status will confirm. It helps to know the surrogate mother’s health. Also, her disorder’s present status will check.

02.)            Contract:

Surrogacy in every place requires legal agreement. Because it includes the intended parents and surrogate signs. So it confirms the surrogate mother’s rights over the child. The experienced lawyer forms the agreement. And it helps in a better process and outcome.

03.)            Ovulation Induction:

Surrogacy performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm. Thus, the child has genetic relation. So, the healthy eggs collect from the female partner. But first, egg production increase with fertility medicines. These help in making healthy eggs. With it, the hormonal injection will use. So the healthy eggs can release into the female uterus.

04.)            Eggs retrieval:

The healthy eggs from the female partner will collect. It performs with a device and ultrasound. So the catheter will insert into the female uterus from the vagina. It helps to locate the healthy eggs inside the uterus. And a fine needle will help. It will use to aspirate the healthy eggs from the uterus. With it, the male partner’s sperm will collect for the process. And the expert will prepare it under observation.

05.)            Fertilization:

Your eggs and sperm mix on a Petri Plate. It helps sperm in fertilizing with the eggs. And it can form the top fertilized eggs. It monitors by the top fertility expert. As they observe the fertilization. With it, the advanced method can help in fertilization. Such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). It helps in successful gametes fertilization. As the healthy sperm inject directly into each egg. So the eggs and sperm can fertilize successfully.

06.)            Implantation:

The healthy fertilized egg will transfer into the surrogate uterus. It again performs with the catheter and ultrasound. So the healthy embryo can implant into the uterus. First, the expert will observe the fertilized eggs’ health. It helps them in choosing top-quality fertilized eggs. And it will transfer into the uterus.

07.)            Pregnancy and delivery:

The surrogate mother conceives a healthy baby. It checks with the surrogate mother’s blood test. So, the expert can confirm the hormonal level. And it confirms the pregnancy results. Then, the intended parents have to provide top care. It involves regular checkups and a top diet. Because it improves the resulting baby’s health. And after nine months, the surrogate mother will deliver the baby.

What is the surrogacy procedure?

A surrogacy procedure is performed to help couples who cannot conceive a baby naturally. It is of two types (i) gestational surrogacy and (ii) traditional surrogacy.

(i) Gestational surrogacy: In this procedure, the fertility experts at Indian Surrogate Mothers will collect the eggs from the ovaries of the biological mother or use donor eggs which will mix with the donor sperm or genetic father’s sperm to facilitate fertilization. After fertilization occurs, the embryologist will choose the healthiest embryo/s to transfer into the gestational surrogate mother’s uterus and will wait for the pregnancy to have happened. It is a procedure that allows the couple to have a genetic connection with the baby born through surrogacy.

(ii) Traditional surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the fertility expert will use the collected eggs of the surrogate mother or donor eggs will be mixed with the donor sperm or the genetic father’s sperm to smooth the fertilization process. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist will place the created embryo into the traditional mother’s uterus and wait for the signs and symptoms of the pregnancy. It is a procedure that allows the male member to have a genetic connection with the baby born through surrogacy. 

Note 1: Traditional surrogacy is not allowed in India. Gestational Altruistic surrogacy is the only form of surrogacy available in India.

Note 2: In both surrogacy procedures, the couple needs to visit Indian Surrogate Mothers after 14 days of the embryo transfer for the pregnancy check-up. The fertility expert will use ultrasound to screen the woman’s ovaries to hear the infant’s heartbeat. Once the heartbeat is heard, it indicates the confirmed pregnancy. The couples will get discharged from the fertility clinic to the local gynaecologist, where the pregnancy will continue for nine months as a normal one.

How much does Surrogacy cost in Cochin?

The surrogacy cost in Cochin is much more affordable. It includes several stages from the surrogate mother to taking the baby home. The process also involves the best steps. It performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilization. So, the baby can have genetic relation with the baby. It also has the surrogate mother’s care and basic needs. As it helps in better pregnancy results.

Many factors decide the surrogacy cost in Cochin. Because it depends on these factors. And it has a high chance to affect the cost. You can confirm the chances to have affordable costs. Since it is much more affordable than in developed nations. And couples get a suitable price for their process.

The surrogacy cost in Cochin is much more suitable than in developed nations. Because couples can easily afford the process. So the surrogacy package in Cochin ranges from INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. And it includes many stages and procedures. Thus, the couple can have a fair budget. Also, their package has all the required steps for a successful pregnancy and childbirth.

The surrogate package in Cochin:

Surrogacy Procedure     

Charges in INR (Estimated)

Cost (Surrogacy Package)            

INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Surrogacy using own eggs & own sperms            

INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

IVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)       

INR 4,00,000 to INR 5,00,000

Blood Tests a Surrogate Mother Preparation

INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000

Normal Vaginal Delivery Cost   

INR 70,000 to INR 80,000

cesarean section or C-section Delivery Cost       

INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000

Surrogate mother care throughout the pregnancy

INR 4,00,000 to INR 5,00,000

Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy care and Medication Cost

INR 45,000 to INR 50,000

What affects the surrogacy cost in Cochin?

The surrogacy cost in Cochin depends on various factors. As these are as per the couple’s infertility, health, and surrogate needs delivery aspects. Because these affect the couple’s chances to have the results. You can know about these factors before starting. So, you may save the cost and achieve the best process.

The following factors affect the surrogacy cost in Cochin:
Ø       Clinic:

Many surrogacy clinics in Cochin are available. They have top procedures and facilities. So these help couples in the best process. With it, they also focus on every patient’s better comfort and care. It does not affect their psychological health status. The clinic with top facilities as other charges. As they may have hidden charges. Besides, they can have hidden charges for every fertility treatment. And non-transparent methods affect highly. Since the couple cannot afford the process. It affects their chances have the best treatment. They can also have treatment costs as per their doctor’s expertise.

Ø       Procedure:

Every couple has different infertility issues. Some couples have or some have extreme. It causes problems. Because their infertility treatment can change. It depends on their issues. And the expert recommends the method as per it. Well, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) helps in the IVF process. So other top-notch can also include. These depend on your health and infertility issues. Also, the surrogate mother’s health will decide on it. Because her health issues can also affect pregnancy and childbirth.

Ø       Delivery:

The surrogate mother delivers the baby after nine months. With it, the surrogate and resulted in the baby will decide on the delivery type. Because with no complication, normal delivery can help. It does not cause any problems. As the process is less surgical and less costly. But, in surrogate or baby health issues, the C-type delivery can happen. It involves the surgical process. And its cost is also higher than normal delivery. Thus, it can affect the entire budget.

Ø       Surrogate mother:

The surrogate mother requires top care. Because it helps in successful pregnancy and delivery. It also promotes the top process. But the intended parents provide various assistance for the surrogate. As it starts from the pregnancy. It includes a regular diet. Since it is important for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. With it, regular doctors’ checkups or visits can have high charges. Other needs can affect the couple’s budget. Also, medical insurance can increase the entire budget.

Ø       Legal contract:

Surrogacy in Cochin includes the legal contract. It forms by the surrogate lawyer. They mention the surrogate rights over the pregnancy and child after birth. So, they are experienced lawyers. Thus, they have high fees. And the legal work affects the total cost. It is also compulsory in surrogacy. So the couple’s parental rights do not affect them.

Is there any legal procedure attached to the surrogacy treatment in Cochin?

Many legalities involved with surrogacy in Cochin.  Also, the Indian Surrogate Mothers ask both parties to sign a legal document to avoid any misunderstanding at the end of the procedure. It is an agreement that clearly states that the surrogate mother will carry a baby in her womb, and upon the birth of the baby, she will hand over the baby to the biological parents.

Similarly, the biological parents can take complete responsibility for the surrogate mother from the initial consultation until the baby’s birth, which includes food, accommodation, clothing, legal charges, expert’s fees, pre & post-medical charges of the surrogate mother in Cochin, etc.

The agreement also states that on the 3rd day of the baby’s born through surrogacy procedure, couples need to file a petition in court for the birth certificate to take the baby home without any complications. The court will review all the relevant documents related to surrogacy. Upon complete satisfaction, they order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a fresh birth certificate in the name of the genetic parents as a legal parent.

What laws address the commercialization surrogacy?

Commercial surrogacy is illegal in India. It is the term of prohibition for overruling it. Because only the altruistic method is legal. The supply or export of embryos or gametes is the term of violation. As even the embryos transfer from an ART lab to centres with permission. They require permission from the proper surrogacy authority. However, a person or any agency violating the rules will get fined or jailed.

  • The surrogate mother does not get any payment, benefit, reward, fee, or remuneration.
  • With it, the buying or selling of the surrogate service is not allowed.
  • Also, the selling or buying the human gametes and embryos is illegal.
What are the other implications of the surrogacy laws?
  • The surrogate mother has no right to terminate the pregnancy. As if she ones enter the process. In intense cases, the surrogacy authority can help.
  • Gay couples cannot have surrogacy for having a child. Because only heterosexual couples’ marriages consider by the Indian Marriage Board.
  • In a case, the intended parents died before the child’s birth (through surrogacy). So the nominees of the couple will bear all responsibilities.
  • Or if any Indian couple has surrogacy in another country. So the resulting child will not recognize as an Indian citizen.
  • The surrogacy resulted in the child can know about their surrogate mother. But only after turning 18 years old.
Surrogacy in other countries:

Well, you do not have to worry. Because surrogacy is available in other countries as well. And their surrogacy legalities are not much strict. Any person can have surrogacy in Kenya, Ghana, Cyprus, Argentina, Georgia, Mexico, Greece, Ukraine, and many more. Here the charges are much more affordable. Thus, every couple can afford the process. And the best part is Homosexual couples, and single people looking for surrogacy can have.

Why do people consider Indian Surrogate Mothers as the best fertility clinic in Cochin?

The following are some factors that make Indian Surrogate Mothers the preferred and best choice to have a baby. These are:

o   Affordable treatment cost: 

At Indian Surrogate Mothers, a fertility clinic in Cochin, people will get affordable treatment cost depending upon the procedure they opt for to have a surrogacy treatment. It is a clinic where fertility experts have concerned couples who could not conceive a baby naturally. They are here at this clinic to help all these people and make sure that they will get the best surrogacy treatment or other fertility treatments at a very reasonable cost without compromising the quality of the treatment.

o   Success Rates: 

To date, the success rates of the Indian Surrogate Mothers for taking healthy and disease-free babies are comparatively higher than the other fertility clinics in Cochin. It is a factor that attracts the attention of people worldwide to visit this clinic and have the best fertility treatments with the highest success rates.

o   Surroundings: 

The surroundings of this clinic are very warm and pleasant that allows the couples to stay comfortable throughout their treatment as it is crucial because people need to be relaxed and calm during the fertility treatments to achieve the best output because stress or anxiety can affect the success rates of the treatment cycle.  

o   Skilled & trained professionals: 

The Indian Surrogate Mothers is a fertility clinic with skilled and trained fertility professionals with more than 20 years of experience in treating the routine and complex cases of infertility. They are the one who offers the best fertility treatment after examining the couple properly so that couples can achieve their goal of having a baby.

Why are surrogacy charges highly expensive?

Surrogacy is an expensive process because the couple has the surrogate mother’s womb. As the healthy surrogate mother conceives and delivers the intended parents’ child. Also, the process is highly top-notch to help in surrogate mother pregnancy outcomes. But the child will have a genetic relationship with the intended parents. It includes different charges from starting the process to taking your healthy baby home. As you can check the charges because various factors are responsible for increasing the process charges. Your surrogacy cost is higher as the legal agreement also includes. It impacts the entire budget as increases higher.

What is the surrogate mother’s medical insurance?

Many countries have banned compensated surrogacy. It means they only provide the altruistic surrogacy form. Altruistic surrogacy does not include the surrogate mother’s compensation. It means the surrogate mother will not have any monetary benefit for helping the couple. So, the couple can have to provide the surrogate mother with medical insurance. As you process can include it. The medical insurance covers after the child’s birth. And the surrogate mother’s medical insurance covers the health care for a maximum of three years.

How do the donor eggs help?

The donor eggs are the healthy eggs from a healthy person. As the female partner cannot produce healthy eggs for fertilization. Your fertility process can include healthy donor eggs for a successful pregnancy outcome. It involves the advanced fertilizing of the donor eggs with male partner sperm. The process helps in various conditions. You can also have healthy donor eggs in the surrogacy process. As the female partner cannot produce healthy eggs for the surrogate pregnancy outcome. So, these are highly successful in providing pregnancy results.

What are infertility conditions?

Various infertility conditions are responsible for causing problems in successful conception. It causes issues for the couple to conceive their baby successfully. Many male and female partners’ conditions are affecting their life. Such as,

  • The female partner does not have healthy eggs or ovaries to produce healthy eggs.
  • You have blocked or any problem in the fallopian tubes.
  • The male partner’s sperm has issues such as poor count, abnormal shape, and size.
  • You are trying to conceive but failed because of unexplained infertility conditions.
  • The female partner has severe health conditions related to the heart or liver.
  • You have abnormal growth presence inside the uterus as polyps or fibroids.
  • Any partner has a high risk of inherited disorder transmission and many more.
Does the surrogate mother have a relationship with the child?

No, the surrogate mother will not have any relation with the resulting child. Because the process functions with advanced assisted reproductive techniques. And the legal agreement also supports the process. So, your baby will not share the relationship with the surrogate mother. The IVF process helps in the surrogate mother’s conception. As the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize under observation and then implant inside the surrogate womb. It means the surrogate gametes do not use in the method. So, the surrogate will not have any connection. Also, the process includes forming a legal contract between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. It mentions the rights and regulations of the surrogate over the child.

How do the intended parents’ rights confirm?

In surrogacy, the expert recommends the formation of a legal agreement. It forms between the couple and the intended parents. Also, the experience surrogacy lawyer forms it with all paperwork. And it mentions the rights and regulations of the child. As the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child. So to make it clear and mention pregnancy rights also, the legal formalities are important. The agreement also includes the intended parents’ rights as they are the real parents. And they have all the rights over the resulting child after childbirth.

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