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Surrogate Mother in Pune– Cost, Clinics, Agencies in Pune. Find Cost, Clinics, Agencies, Hospitals in Pune Offering Surrogate Mother Services. Surrogacy is an agreement where a woman carries another couple’s baby in her womb till the delivery. The woman who carries an infertile couple’s embryo till successful delivery is referred to as a Surrogate Mother / Gestational carrier or gestational surrogate. Through the entire surrogacy journey, a surrogate mother plays a vital role in accomplishing the entire treatment.

Surrogate Mother in Pune

Indian Surrogate Mothers is a fertility clinic in Pune that helps couples find a surrogate mother in Pune who can give birth to their baby. It is a fertility clinic that ensures all the surrogate mothers hired by them will fulfil the below-mentioned criteria to serve their services. These are:

  • The surrogate mother should be a young, healthy, and fertile woman between 21 to 40 years.
  • She needs to pass the medical, physical, and mental health check-ups to ensure a healthy delivery.
  • Women who wish to be surrogate mothers to give birth to a child for someone else should not have any negative medical history, including failed IVF cycles and recurring miscarriages.
  • A surrogate mother in Pune should have complete support from her family that no one has any obligations while carrying a baby in her womb for another woman.
  • She should be a married woman with at least one baby so that she can understand the emotion of another woman while handing over the baby after nine months.
  • She needs to clear all the criminal checks that allow the Indian Surrogate Mothers to perform a surrogacy procedure hassle-free.
  • She needs to sign a mutual consent form before they begin the surrogacy procedure in Pune. The fertility clinic asks to sign this agreement to ensure that there will be no confusion at the end of the procedure, and both parties leave the fertility clinic with a smile.

   How does the surrogacy procedure work in Pune?

At Indian surrogate mothers, the fertility experts will perform the surrogacy procedure either as gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy.

(i) Gestational surrogacy is a method in which the fertility experts at Indian Surrogate Mothers will collect the eggs and sperms of the biological parents or use egg or sperm donor. After this, the fertility experts will mix the collected eggs and sperms in a culture dish using the IVF procedure to ensure successful fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will pick the most active embryo/s, which will be implanted into the gestational mother’s uterus and will wait for the pregnancy signs.

(ii) Traditional Surrogacy is a method in which the fertility experts will pick the surrogate mother or donor eggs and artificially inseminates them with the donor sperm or the genetic father sperm to ease the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the skilled embryologist chooses the healthiest embryo/s to transfer into the traditional mother’s uterus and look for the pregnancy symptoms.

Note: Both surrogacy procedures are the best ones. The only difference is that with gestational surrogacy, couples will have a genetic connection with the baby. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother and male partner of the recipient are the biological parents.

Note: Traditional surrogacy is not allowed in India. Gestational Altruistic surrogacy is the only form of surrogacy available in India.

What is the legal procedure to take the baby home from the fertility clinic to the home city?

At Indian Surrogate Mothers, both parties need to sign a legal mutual consent form that states the surrogate mother will carry a baby in her womb for nine months. Then, without any obligations, she will hand over the baby to the biological parents. On the other side, the biological parents are ready to take complete care of the surrogate mother, including her food, accommodation, clothing, visit the fertility clinic, pre & post-medical expenses, travelling expense, legal charges, compensation, etc., until the baby delivers to them.

It also states that couples need to file an application in the court for the baby’s birth certificate born through surrogacy and will do this on the 3rd dayq of their birth. It is important as this is proof for taking the baby from the fertility clinic to their home city. The court will review all the documents related to the surrogacy procedure. Upon the satisfaction, they will order the Department of Vital Statistics to re-issue a birth certificate in the name of the genetic parents as legal parents, and the surrogate mother has left with no connection to the baby born.

What makes the Indian Surrogate Mothers the preferred choice to have a baby?

The following factors make the Indian Surrogate Mothers the preferred choice to have a baby. These are:

1. Quality of the treatments: At Indian Surrogate Mothers, people will find the best quality treatments that help the couple conceive a baby facing challenges in conceiving a baby naturally.  

2. Environment: The environment of the Indian Surrogate Mothers gives positive energy to all the patients worldwide when they enter the clinic. They find that all the medical professionals are taking good care of each individual admitted in this clinic, and this will give hope to them becoming a parent of their baby. Also, the medical staff will properly arrange the stay of the patients so that they will concentrate on their treatment to achieve a successful outcome.  

3. Success Rate: To date, Indian Surrogate Mothers is a fertility clinic that offers the highest success rates that allow the couple to take their babies home.

4. Trained & skilled professionals: At Indian Surrogate Mothers, we have trained and skilled fertility professionals with more than 20 years of experience handling routine and complex infertility cases. Our professionals have rewarded their excellent services, and they ensure the best fertility treatments in Pune given to all the couples who are struggling for a long time to have their babies. Also, they make pregnancy possible in older couples that too with the highest success rates.

5. Cost-effective treatments: People will get cost-effective fertility treatments at Indian Surrogate Mothers as fertility experts understand the pain of childless couples, especially those below the poverty line, and cannot afford expensive fertility treatments. Offering cost-effective fertility treatments allow each individual to enjoy the phase of parenthood.

6. Use of latest and advanced technologies: At Indian Surrogate Mothers, fertility experts will use the advanced and latest technologies that help them in treating all types of infertility cases.

7. Facilities: The medical professionals at Indian Surrogate mothers will offer the best facilities to all their patients, such as round-the-clock complete personal & medical care, transparency in the treatment, maintenance of all the fertility treatment-related documents, etc.

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Why do I need surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a need for couples with severe infertility conditions. It helps them in having a healthy child successfully. Also, other assisted reproductive methods only provide the pregnancy outcome. But couples with extreme sterility issues need the best method. And surrogacy is the top process that successfully provides the child in the intended parents’ hands. It is needed in many infertility issues, such as:

  • The female partner does not have a healthy uterus to carry and deliver the baby.
  • You have faced multiple pregnancy failures and unsuccessful other assisted reproductive techniques.
  • The female partner has extreme health conditions related to the heart or liver.

Is surrogacy the best decision?

Yes, surrogacy is a top-notch procedure than any other method. Because, other processes only provide the pregnancy outcome. But, surrogacy is the top-most procedure that provides a healthy baby in the hands. Since the healthy surrogate mother conceives the baby for the intended parents. So, your surrogacy decision is the best. It helps in many infertility conditions and has a top outcome. Also, the legal contract and governmental regulation involve the entire process. You can have the best result as your genetic-related baby is in your hands. And you will not have to face any issues.

Why surrogacy over other procedures?

Many assisted reproductive techniques are available thanks to medical science betterment. These help in couples’ infertility conditions. A maximum of these procedures provide the pregnancy outcome. You can have them for health and infertility issues. Also, the fertility expert recommends them after checking your conditions. And only surrogacy is the topmost providing a healthy child. Because, its process involves the surrogate mother. As she conceives the intended parents’ child to deliver for them. Your surrogacy procedure can also function as per your infertility conditions. It helps in a better outcome because IVF helps in conception.

What is the surrogacy process?

Surrogacy has an extensive process that takes time. It will start with having the surrogate mother and knowing the country’s legalities. Then, the IVF method uses for the surrogate mother’s conception. The intended parents’ eggs and sperm will collect by the expert. Firstly, they will provide fertility and hormonal medications to the female partner. It produces healthy eggs with high count and maturity. Then, advanced technologies use to retrieve healthy eggs. The male partner’s sperm also collects and prepares in the lab. Then, the fertility expert fertilizes the gametes and implants them inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. It provides the pregnancy outcome and after nine months, your child.

Who is the gestational surrogate?

Surrogacy has two types gestational and traditional. Gestational surrogacy is the best legal process. Because it provides the intended parents’ genetic-related child. Also, it is legal because the surrogate mother does not share any relation with the resulting child. And the intended parents share all relations with the child. As gestational process functions with the couple’s eggs and sperm. It means the couple gametes fertilize in the couple observation. And for pregnancy, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. Also, she has no right over the baby after the delivery.

What checkups does the expert perform for the surrogate?

Before starting the surrogacy process, the surrogate mother’s health is necessary to check. Because any issue can transmit to the resulting child. Or the successful pregnancy result can affect because of the condition. So before starting, the fertility expert performs several health and physical checkups. This helps in knowing the health and problems. Your expert will check the surrogate mother for any disorder presence, inherited conditions, hepatitis, HIV, and other conditions. As It helps them know the issues before starting the process. So, the process helps in providing better outcomes with cause any extreme condition.