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Indian Surrogate Mothers – Get to know them and see their lifestyle and habitat!

surrogate mother

surrogate mother

Surrogacy in India is one of the latest trends adjoined to different other kinds of outsourcing business in India. When we talk about Indian surrogate mothers, the spectrum gets as wide as it could be. India has always remained a favorable healthcare destination for people searching out for surrogacy facilities due to the booming Indian surrogate mother industry. What makes this industry so luring, is what we are explaining in this write up.

India’s surrogate mother industry is a wide pool of women desiring to rent their womb in a hope of earning a bit more than the daily wages of their family as a whole. These women are not so called poor; however, they are always in a chance of earning a bit more to provide a better, shelter, education, and other necessities of life to their family. These women are educated enough to decide for their decision of being a surrogate.


Indian Surrogate Mothers – Their Background

As described earlier that Indian surrogate mothers are not the ones who are devoid of underlying amenities of life; however, they solicit for earning more to offer a preferable way of living to their family. As the Indian surrogate industry is a million-dollar business, that is why these women’s participation in the industry to get a small percentage of benefit. What these women earn makes their life a bit comfortable in this ever-increasing inflation world.

We got a chance to talk to some of the Indian surrogate mothers, and here is an excerpt of the details of our talk with these women. We landed in Gujarat in a place called “Anand,” known better as the milk city of India. This state is one pioneer in starting surrogacy as a commercial business that offers village women a chance to earn while remaining in the environment they know the best. Commencing this business in this state was the same as it remains for a new business to establish and grow further.

Indian Surrogate Mother – Tale of Her Family and Education

Surrogate mothers in India Anand are made available by surrogate mothers in the India Gujarat clinic. There are 50 surrogate moms living together, each one of them makes around U.S. $ 8,000 for bearing and giving birth to a child. “It’s a considerable measure of cash,” said a lady who recognizes herself as Manjula. “For individuals like us who have never seen cash, it’s a considerable amount to earn in a go. However, physical labor is all there to bear for a period of nine months.

This is the second time Manjula – a 30-year-old who has a child and two little girls of her own has attempted surrogacy. She chose this business of surrogacy in India for cash benefits. Before surrogacy, she and her spouse made a daily earning of $2 by working hard in the fields. When asked about her profession and why she started this, she quoted, “I need to make a home of mine.

More to it, I have aimed to get my little girl the best education that I can afford and to choose a good boy for her wedding when the time comes. This all can just be done when I have money in my hands. This is a good business that offers cash quickly. I also need to educate her in whatever field she wishes to establish her career and then get her wedded to a decent boy,” she included.

When we asked about Manjula’s education, she quoted that she is a high school pass student and was planning to get admission into a graduate degree but was married to a farmer from a nearby village. She dropped the plan of further education as her parents were not able to afford her degree education, and it was a better deal for their parents to get married and see her getting settled into her life. However, Manjula does not think like her parents. For her, the education of her children is the foremost thing she would accomplish till she is alive.

Majula has two kids, a girl and a boy, and both are studying in school. For them, she has aimed high education and a university degree that could afford a job for them. Majula’s husband is also contributing as much as he could to offer their children the best education in terms of arranging for the finances. The couple has successfully done the job of offering a respectable life to their kids in the presence of all the odds of the life they are facing.

The life of Madhu Makwan – A Surrogate Mother

Madhu makwan is a surrogate mother in India working in a surrogacy clinic established in Gujarat in Anand. It is the “Akansha Clinic” for which Madhu Makwan works. “Opting for this business was the best step she could have thought in her life” – she quoted when asked about being a member for such a business. She has positivity in her eye when she talks about surrogate mothers in India Gujarat. For her life has become a bit comfortable after she chooses to be a surrogate mother.

Madhu Makwan- the surrogate mother in India Gujarat, says the administration has totally changed the fortunes of her and her family. Asked what she would say to the Canadian folks who leased her womb: “I’d say bless your heart. I don’t know how to say all else in English! “I’ve got a chance now to make my life,” said Makwan, wiping tears off from her eyes. “God has been benevolent for offering me this business and the blessings to do this job.”

When we asked about the background of Madhu Makwan – she quoted, “I come from a lower-middle-class family and have completed my high school from a nearby secondary education institution. My family was able to fulfill the basic necessity of life; however, they were not much rich to afford my graduation, and thus I was married. Taking about the profession of her husband, she said- “my husband is a decent person and works as a farmer to earn bread and butter for the family.

As is the case with manual, the surrogate mother from Anand Gujarat, India, Madhu Makwan, has also dreamt of high education for her children. Madhu Makwan has her two daughters, and she wants them to a doctor and engineer so that they can respectably earn their living. Asked more about this topic, Madhu says that educating children has become an expensive job in today’s world as prices of the same have all gone up.

Just admitting a child into a respectable education center costs in thousand bucks, and we are not able o arrange this much cash from my husband’s job only as a farmer. Therefore, to bear the fees of my children’s education, I decided to be a surrogate for the “Akansha Clinic,” and it is a respectable job for me. She further quoted –”I am doing a job that offers a smile to the childless couple and fulfilling their dreams offers me both some considerable cash and job satisfaction.

Talking more deeply about the living environment, Makwan says we do not have a big home of our home. We reside at a rented home in a middle-class area, and my children do not like the place much. However, we have things that make life comfortable such as a more relaxed television and fridge, but I have always wanted to shift to a better place where my children feel happy to stay. It is another reason for me to get into the surrogate mother industry.

How to Hire a Surrogate Mother in India?

Hiring a surrogate mother in India becomes easy when you make contact with a renowned agency. These agencies work to arrange surrogates who are healthy enough to give birth to a child. However, there are some considerations that are fulfilled by these surrogates, after which they are given the status of being a surrogate with any of the renowned agencies in India.

There are a number of agencies running out in the market as a part of the surrogate industry in India, and thus, you can always make contact with the ones who are suiting your financial arrangements. However, it is suggested to do complete research before making contact with an agency. Thus, it is advised to do proper research about the history of the agency. You can easily make contact with a surrogacy clinic by attempting the steps written below.

  • First of all, do online research to known about the names of clinics available in India with the keywords such as surrogate mother India Mumbai, cost of a surrogate mother in India, surrogate mother India price, surrogate mother in New Delhi.
  • As soon as you are done with this thing, ask a couple of questions with the agency to know the credibility of the clinic. A couple of questions are being shortlisted here for you.
  • Will you get a chance to meet the surrogate in person or not? This will help you bound attachment to the surrogate, which is essential for parents.
  • Does the agency evaluate the living environment of the surrogate, or is the screening just done with the surrogate only? Does the agency make an effort to check the condition of the surrogate besides interviewing her on the phone?
  • Does the agency routinely do criminal background checkups of the surrogate? It is essential to know so that intended parents have the relief that their child is being born to a lady who is not involved in any criminal cases or other such issues.
  • What kind of information is available about the surrogate regarding her family and if she is getting emotional support from her family or not? It is huge that a surrogate has her family support as it helps her going through the emotional changes that come when a lady is pregnant.
  • Ask about the cost of surrogacy in India and compare it with the cost of other destinations so that you can end up finding a clinic that is reasonable for you to afford. It is possible that money doesn’t matter to you, but facilities do, and thus, you can also compare the facility of a clinic with others to know a better option for you.
  • After this, it is also essential to confirm the price of the medication and treatment in a particular clinic so that a comparison can further be made on such grounds only.
  • The last most important point to get assured on the type of surrogacy required. Are you looking for donor eggs, and if the clinic is able to provide the same or not?

Legalities of hiring a surrogate mother in India

Hiring a surrogate mother in India involves some of the legalities that are must be fulfilled by the intended parents opting for a surrogate mother in Delhi, India. These legalities differ from country to country as per the rules designed.

  • The first and foremost thing for intended parents to hire a surrogate mother in India is to be a married life for at least two years in a heterosexual relationship.
  • There must be a letter of confirmation from a health center with the couple that they are not able to conceive naturally and thus opting for surrogacy.
  • Besides this, the home embassy of intended parents should also provide a letter of confirmation that they are in need of recognizing surrogacy.
  • A medical visa is a must with the intended parents so that they can have a smooth arrival and departure after they are done with surrogacy in India.
  • A medical visa concludes getting surrogacy facilities only from registered firms in India, and thus it is the job of intended parents to search for such a clinic.

The cost of a surrogate mother in India

  • The cost of a surrogate mother in India is highly affordable if we make a comparison of the cost of surrogacy in the U.S.
  • The cost of surrogacy in India approximately goes to the U.S. $ 13,000, which is in the U.S. is anywhere in between the U.S. $ 30,000 to the U.S. $ 70,000.
  • There are surrogacy packages available in India that include all the treatment, staying medicine expenses, the charge of a doctor, delivery charges and surrogate’s compensation.
  • Surrogate mother clinic in India provides reasonable packages as per the demand of the intended parents.



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