Baby Delivery of Surrogate Mother in India

Baby Delivery of Surrogate Mother in India

Surrogacy is booming in India and has obvious reasons, and thus several people consider India as their ideal surrogacy destination. Choosing India for surrogacy is a benefit for patients in several ways. If we see from the legal aspect of surrogacy in India, intended parents are offered protection. Considering the financial aspect, it is far more affordable to hire a surrogate mother for all of her medical care and miscellaneous expenses than hiring one in an abroad destination.

Studies suggest that the cost of surrogacy in India is approximately $12,000, including the expenses of medicines and the payment of surrogate mother. If compared with the cost of western destinations, this is 1/6 of the cost of western countries such as the US. In India, laws are being made to protect intended parents if they opt for surrogacy. The laws discourage giving any of the rights to the surrogate mother. It makes India an ideal destination.

Pregnancy Period for Surrogate

After the surrogate is hired and inseminated with the sperm, it becomes very important for the agency to take proper care of the surrogate to deliver a healthy baby. Medical care should remain to the surrogate 24*7. Medical checkups are done time for the entire nine months period. It helps to determine the health of the surrogate to give birth to a healthy baby. Medical care to the surrogate is the responsibility of the agency that hires the surrogate.

The diet of the surrogate should also be managed well by the agency she has been hired. Prenatal care not includes diet and medical care but also includes proper exercising and some of the nutrient supplements to be given to the surrogate. It ensures the health of the child and the surrogate. To offer some care and respect to the surrogate, some agencies offer pre and post surrogacy care to the surrogate.

All the essential nutrients, including vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins in the right amount, should be offered to the surrogate for the entire nine months period to maintain her health that will automatically help to maintain the baby’s health. Physical exercising is also important for the surrogate besides medical and nutritional care offered to her. These are some very light exercise that does not put much physical stress, however, help keep the lady physically strong during the pregnancy.

Baby delivery

After the completion of eight months period by the surrogate, the ninth months is watched closely by doctors to determine if there would be a normal delivery or not? However, it cannot be determined at this stage. However, a routine checkup may help the surgeon determine the surrogate’s condition that may further help him or her to decide the kind of pregnancy is required. Cesarean section is generally done when there is no birth after some hours of labour pain.

To some, delivery will take place just some hour past labour; however, for some, the pain may occur for hours, providing no signs of delivery. Normal and C-section delivery is now common; however, the surrogate will require going under surgery if a cesarean is planned for her. Depending upon the time of labour pain a surrogate goes through, the surgeon decides for the C-section delivery. The surgery takes some time, after which the baby is born.