Surrogate Mother in Mumbai

How to find a surrogate mother in Mumbai?

Finding a right and suitable surrogate mother is not at all an easy task to be accomplished by the infertile couples without any help or knowledge. Surrogacy, on the other hand, is one of the complex and a long procedure to bring off and therefore it is required to know the entire nitty-gritty details of it before the couple undergoes with this process.

Who plays the main role during Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is undeniably a long and time-taking procedure but this is one of the most efficacious ART treatments to stamp out the tag of Childlessness from the infertile couples’ lives. So, the question here comes that who plays the significant role during surrogacy method; it’s the Surrogate Mother Mumbai.

True, Surrogate Mother in Mumbai has a crucial role during the journey of the whole procedure of Surrogacy.

Surrogacy – An advance ART technique, where a Surrogate Mother Mumbai carries a baby of infertile couple’s (through the procedure of IVF) in her own womb for 9 month and once the baby becomes ready to come out, delivery takes place and the baby is handed- over to infertile couple.

Finding a Surrogate Mother now become easy

Indian Surrogate Mother has opened a huge platform for all the infertile couples, who are willing to undergo with the Surrogacy procedure. Indian Surrogate Mother parts with the matchless Surrogacy treatment giving the healthiest and fittest Surrogate Mother Mumbai for the entire procedure.

The first step in finding a Surrogate Mother in Mumbai is to decide whether you are planning to select a fertility clinic / an agency or you want to do it by your own. There are two ways to choose A Surrogate Mother Mumbai –

  1. To find a surrogate mother in Mumbai with an Agency / ART specialist fertility clinic
  2. Finding a surrogate mother Mumbai without an agency

For the first way to scout out surrogate mother is the best way to select an appropriate Surrogate Mother in Mumbai. How? Because once you stick on your ART specialist fertility clinic, the entire tension of yours gets removed. ART clinics make you so comfortable that you won’t feel any kind of stress regarding Surrogate for surrogacy procedure.  They do have strict screening tests and eligibility criteria for surrogate mother Mumbai. If these all the criteria’s of choosing surrogate is accomplished then only the surrogacy process is started. ART clinics have a multiple database of surrogates’ mothers so if you decide going for ART specialist clinic for surrogacy process then definitely you are going to the right path.

Surrogate Mother can also be found without any agency or fertility clinic. Many of the infertile couples and individuals handpick or decide to work with the familiar or an identified surrogate without any surrogacy agreement.

Surrogate Mother Mumbai is often family members of the couple or close friend. If you decide for your own Surrogate Mother Mumbai then you need to know some of the basic eligibility rules of it. Given below are some of the important aspects, which you need to cross-check (while going for your own surrogate)

  • With pleasing personality, her age must ranges between 21-39
  • BMI between 18-32
  • Physically fit to carry healthy pregnancy
  • A non smoker, non-alcoholic and non drug addictive
  • Have gone through screening test, all background documentation and legal process etc. (if the couple is choosing a clinic or agency for their surrogacy)
  • Psychological Screening (if the couple required then only)
  • Must be a mother of one child without any complications (so that she knows all the steps of each medical procedure and have the knowledge of carrying baby in her womb for 9 month)
  • Surrogate mother Mumbai must not have any drinking, chewing tobacco or smoking habit.
  • No history of any mental illness

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