Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

How to Find a Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

Surrogacy is a complex medical procedure, where a woman (or a surrogate) agrees to become pregnant and give birth to a baby for an intended couple. Surrogacy is a procedure, which is accomplished with the help of IVF technique. During Surrogacy, the intended couple gives their own eggs and sperms for IVF fertilization, once the embryo reaches blastocyst stage, healthy embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Surrogacy is one of the longest ART techniques, where the Surrogate Mother Kolkata plays a crucial role to achieve favourable result. There are two type of Surrogacy-

  • Gestational Surrogacy
  • Traditional Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy is the most acceptable form of Surrogacy, during this procedure, the intended couple first undergoes with the steps of IVF. On the 4th day or 5th day of fertilization, best and healthy embryo is placed into the uterus of the Surrogate Mother in Kolkata. Surrogate hands over the baby to the intended couple after successful delivery. Gestational Surrogacy is hand-picked by numerous intended couples because, here the baby is genetically and legally too connected with his/her parent. A Surrogate Mother Kolkata only carries an embryo in her womb till it gets matured into a healthy baby.

Traditional Surrogacy is done with the process of AI (Artificial Insemination). Eggs in this procedure are of surrogate only and fertilization happens by transferring the washed sperms near the fallopian tube of surrogate. Here the baby is not genetically related with the mother.  Hence, this process is quite risky.

Finding a Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

A Surrogacy Agency- true, if you are searching well and fit Surrogate Mother Kolkata, then Surrogacy agency is not at all a bad idea to be settled on. Surrogacy Agency is full of surrogates’ profiles matching all the requirements of being a suitable surrogate. Indian Surrogate Mother is one of the peerless surrogacy fertility clinics that not only put forward the best surrogacy treatment to the infertile couple but also it comes up with the best Surrogate Mother in Kolkata.

Fertility Clinic, which is specialized in ART technique treatment, is also the best way to find a healthy surrogate. Fertility clinic provides many benefits to the intended couple; it gives the couple decent co-ordination or consultation. There are several points, which a couple must need to know about surrogacy procedure, it’s not only about Surrogate Mother Kolkata but there are few necessary points that each intended couple must know. So, it is required to gather all the basic info of Surrogacy method before saying yes for it.

ART specialist clinic treats you best by giving all the basic to advance amenities to the patient. These clinics have a multiple database of Surrogate Mother Kolkata.

Benefits of choosing a Surrogate Mother Kolkata from fertility clinic

  • ART specialists clinics are experienced in performing the surrogacy treatment and providing the best Surrogate Mother in Kolkata
  • Fertility clinics often have a varieties of Surrogate Mothers database
  • Such clinics provide an experienced and healthy surrogate mother (because here the surrogate needs to cross with all the screening tests and the eligibility criteria)
  • Fertility clinics extensively screen the surrogate before the surrogacy procedure
  • For surrogacy treatment, veteran and crackerjack doctors are available

There is one other way of choosing the Surrogate Mother Kolkata, that is – choosing own surrogate by an independent surrogacy plan. Many of the intended couple plans to work with their own Surrogate mother. This Surrogate mother could be intended couple’s relatives, close friends or any known member. One must check all the eligibility rules of the surrogate, like her age, her previous pregnancies, her health, fitness etc.

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