Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

Surrogate mother in KolkataThe best way to find the surrogate mother in Kolkata is the couple’s homework, which means they can search for the best surrogate mothers using the internet, takes help from their friends & family, and place ads in classifieds and private groups Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc. Couples will receive a response shortly through these methods. In Kolkata, surrogacy costs INR 10 lakh. This package includes everything from the consultation price to the cost of the IVF operation and associated medical treatment, as well as legal fees, surrogate payments, and prenatal care.

however, they need to keep in mind the below-mentioned points while finding a surrogate mother in Kolkata. These are:

  • The age of the surrogate mother should be 21 to 38.
  • She should be a young, healthy and fertile women to carry a pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.
  • The family members of the surrogate mother in Kolkata should support her decision to become a surrogate for another woman.
  • She needs to clear the medical and psychological tests to become a surrogate mother.
  • She should not have any previous history of repeated miscarriages; if any, she needs to tell the specialist in advance.
  • She should be a married woman with at least one kid to bear the emotional stress of the surrogacy procedure.
  • The surrogate mother should not addict to any harmful drugs or alcohol while applying to become a surrogate.
  • She should also need to clear the criminal background check done to run the procedure smoothly.

How the Indian Surrogate Mothers perform the surrogacy procedure in Kolkata?

At Indian Surrogate Mothers surrogacy procedure in Kolkata will be performed in two ways: (i) gestational surrogacy and (ii) traditional surrogacy.

(i) Gestational surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts at Indian Surrogate Mothers will collect the eggs from the ovaries of the biological mother or use donor eggs and fertilize them with donor sperms or the sperms of the genetic father to facilitate the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will pick the most active embryo/s and transfer it into the surrogate mother’s uterus. It is a surrogacy procedure that allows a couple to have a genetic relationship with the baby born.

(ii) Traditional surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts at Indian Surrogate Mothers will collect the eggs of the surrogate mother r or use donor eggs and fertilize them with donor sperms or the biological father’s sperms to ease the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will pick the healthiest embryo/s and transfer it into the surrogate mother’s uterus. A surrogacy procedure allows only a male member to have a genetic relationship with the baby born.

Note: Traditional surrogacy is not allowed in India. Gestational Altruistic surrogacy is the only form of surrogacy available in India.

What is the legal procedure to have surrogacy in Kolkata?

As per the Indian government, there is no legal rule applicable to have surrogacy in Kolkata; however, to run the procedure smooth, the Indian Surrogate Mothers, a fertility clinic in Kolkata, will ask both parties to sign a mutual concern form before they proceed the surrogacy procedure so that there will be no confusion at the end of the process. It is an agreement that states that the surrogate mother in Kolkata willingly ready to carry a baby in her womb for nine months and hand over the baby to the genetic parents. On the other hand, the genetic parents are ready to bear all the pre & post-expenses of the surrogate mothers until the baby’s birth.

Upon completing the surrogacy procedure, it’s the responsibility of the genetic parents to file an application in court on the 3rd day of the baby’s born for claiming the birth certificate in the name of the genetic parents. The surrogate mother and her husband are willingly ready to surrender their parental right to the genetic parents. After reading all the clauses mentioned in the mutual consent form, the court will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate in the name of genetic parents as a legal parent of the baby born through surrogacy.

Once all the formalities are completed, couples can be discharged from the fertility clinic, and they can take the baby to their home city.

Is there any risk associated with the surrogacy procedure?

We all know that surgical procedures have little or more risk attached to the process. Similarly, the trouble with surrogacy procedures can range from mild to severe discomfort. In very rare cases, it can lead to a life-threatening situation. Still, Indian Surrogate Mothers is a fertility clinic where fertility experts perform surrogacy procedures for the last 20 years. They didn’t face any life-threatening results because we have highly skilled and trained professionals who use the latest & advanced technologies to treat complex and routine infertility cases at this clinic. As a result, it is a clinic with the highest success rates for taking the baby home rather than miscarriages.

Some women may experience problems during the pregnancy period, including physical or mental conditions that may affect the health of the surrogate mother or a baby. The following can be some health conditions that vary from person to person during pregnancy, such as depression, high blood pressure, infections, nausea, vomiting, etc., but they are not limited. So, the couples planning for a surrogacy treatment need to discuss the chances of their successful conception with their doctor. The doctor is the only person who examines the couple properly and advises them whether surrogacy is a fruitful procedure for them or not.

Why has the Indian Surrogate Mothers fertility clinic become a preferred choice of many childless couples?

The Indian Surrogate Mothers have become a preferred choice because of the kind of services they offer to each individual. The following are the services:

  • People at this clinic will get good and affordable fertility treatments, including surrogacy.
  • It is a clinic equipped with high-end equipment to treat all types of infertility issues in couples.
  • The success rates for taking babies from Indian Surrogate Mother’ fertility clinics to home cities are high compared to other fertility clinics in Kolkata.
  • At this clinic, people will find the best qualified and trained fertility professionals who help them conceive a baby.
  • It is a clinic where people will get a pleasant and comfortable stay throughout the fertility treatments, which is very important to achieve a successful outcome.

Why choose altruistic surrogacy?

The altruistic surrogacy method involves the surrogate mother. It is the only legal method available in India. Also, the process does not include the surrogate mother’s compensation. Because it is illegal in India to provide the surrogate mother compensation. And the altruistic form means the surrogate mother is ready to help you. As she will conceive to deliver your child. Also, she is not helping the couple for any monetary benefit. Because in altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not get any compensation. Also, it helps in the entire surrogacy charges for the intended parents’ budget.

How much surrogacy success rate?

Surrogacy success rates are much higher than any other method. Because it involves a healthy surrogate mother. As she conceives for the couple to deliver the baby. It is the best method in many extreme infertility conditions. As the couple does not have any conception chance. So, you can choose the best method for having the baby successfully. Surrogacy success rates are also higher because the IVF process helps. As the surrogate mother conception happens with the IVF treatment. The expert fertilizes a couple of gametes under observation. Also, various advanced methods and procedures can perform within the treatment.

Does surrogacy have risks?

No, surrogacy generally does not include any risk or problem. It can only involve legal concerns. Because every country has its rules and regulation regarding the process. The intended parents choosing the procedure have to check the country’s laws before starting. It will help you choose the best method. Surrogacy risks will occur if you do not have the process as per the laws. As you can face fines or imprisonment. Otherwise, surrogacy involves the IVF procedure that has egg retrieval and medications used. It can cause some problems for the female partner as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

Why does surrogacy needs legalization?

Surrogacy is the extensive process that functions between two parties. It involves the surrogate mother’s conception and delivery to the intended parents. Well, the process’s motive is to provide a successful pregnancy for the couple. But many people use the procedure as per their choice and use. And they have all the illegal activities. Thus, surrogacy can lead to the surrogate mother, resulting in the child and intended parents’ exploitation. So, every country’s government is legalizing the process as per needs. Also, it helps as a better process for the couple with extreme infertility conditions without causing any problems.

Does the child through surrogacy have health conditions?

Yes, the child through surrogacy will be highly healthy. Also, your baby will share the genetic relation with the intended parents. Because the process functions with the IVF treatment for the surrogate mother’s conception. The healthy surrogate mother carries to deliver your baby under top observation. With, the method starts after checking the couple and surrogate health and any disorder conditions. So that any issue can diagnose before starting the method. Also, you can have the top procedure as per problems. It helps in the successful and healthy pregnancy of the surrogate.

Why are surrogacy charges highly expensive?

Surrogacy is an expensive process because the couple has the surrogate mother’s womb. As the healthy surrogate mother conceives and delivers the intended parents’ child. Also, the process is highly top-notch to help in surrogate mother pregnancy outcomes. But the child will have a genetic relationship with the intended parents. It includes different charges from starting the process to taking your healthy baby home. As you can check the charges because various factors are responsible for increasing the process charges. Your surrogacy cost is higher as the legal agreement also includes. It impacts the entire budget as increases higher.

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